Monday, May 2, 2011

Stimulus-Funded CEDA Props Up Leftist Radio: Big Ad Buyer On WCPT-AM

CEDA is a major advertiser
on Chicago's Lefty Talk WCPT
Yesterday the Chicago Tribune published a scathing investigative report on the wasteful use of "shovel ready" federal stimulus monies by the Community and Economic Development Association (CEDA) of Cook County. But they didn't mention that the government-funded entity was simultaneously dropping big advertising bucks to prop up Chicago's financially shaky left wing talk radio outlet, WCPT.

The Tribune expose chronicled laughably inept, Stalinesque inefficiencies in CEDA's $90.5 million stimulus program scheme to weatherproof the homes of Chicago-area poor.

Their predominately minority-owned contracting firms with fly-by-night sounding monikers like "Sturdy Builders," gobbled up the CEDA cash and left a wake of unfinished jobs, damaged homes and shoddy, unsafe workmanship.
According to the report, the CEDA contractors failed 12 of 15 Department of Energy inspections and 1 in 7 of local building inspections.

Meanwhile, CEDA was also out spending its cash on heavy radio ad buys, exclusively on WCPT -- Chicago Progressive Talk

The station, an offshoot of the economically disastrous "Air America," gives a forum to such lefty talkers as Ed Shultz, Alan Colmes, Stephanie Miller and Dick Kay.

Many of WCPT's offerings are unable to attract major advertisers and their shows are often interspersed with ads from little Oak Park designer boutiques or free public service announcements.

But over the past two months, CEDA was all over their airwaves with its paid spots touting its weatherproofing boondoggle. In the case of Dick Kay's Saturday afternoon, on-air, labor union love fest, CEDA was mentioned as a principal sponsor.

And CEDA is listed prominently on the list of paid program sponsors on the WCPT site.

So it seems the $5 billion in federal stimulus cash also was spread a bit into shovel-ready lefty radio. But the WCPT talkers do spread their statist drivel on so thick, you do need a shovel just to cope.


  1. So many things are so wrong with the whole set-up. "Wasteful use" doesn't do it justice. Criminal is more like it.

  2. Why should government agencies be spending their time advertising on radio and TV? HHS used to run ads encouraging more people to get food stamps.


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