Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chicago Blacks Protest Immigrant Labor - Libs Worried

For two consecutive days last week a group of South side black activists conducted a civil disobedience campaign protesting the overabundance of Latino immigrant laborers on construction sites in their neighborhood.

It seems that all is not well in multiculturalist diversityville.
Activists at one of Ed Gardener's
protests last week

In one incident the black protesters made anti-Latino taunts and sabotaged a city works project, shutting down the construction site for a time.

Led by Edward Gardener,an 87 year old retired black entrepreneur and veteran of General Douglas MacArthur's WWII army, the protesters targeted work sites where close to 100% of the work force was Latino immigrant. They demanded the scarce blue-collar jobs for Americans from their own community, where unemployment has reached staggering levels.

Conservatives of the immigration control movement have taken an odd sort of solace at these developments, We hate to say "we told you so", but we told you so.

Since the 1994 inception of the immigration control movement here, with the founding of Illinois Citizens for Immigration Reform, black leaders have been repeatedly warned that historically, high levels of immigration to the US have led to depressed wages and fewer jobs for black Americans.

To that they turned a deaf ear.

They bought the line propounded by their liberal-left leaders that they were part of a "rainbow coalition" for "social justice."

They sat by and watched as hordes of 3rd world immigrants, many of them illegal, streamed into the country and snapped up jobs and educational opportunities that rightfully would have been theirs.

Blacks watched meekly as foreigners of color were added to the racial spoils scheme known as "affirmative action."

They watched dumbly as their leftist leaders declared Chicago a "sanctuary city" for illegal aliens and refused to cooperate with federal authorities in effecting their deportation.

Today they are protesting their inability to get those scarce jobs that their liberal pals told them that "Americans won't do."

They watched as hordes of foreign born Asians and Indo-Pakistanis snapped up scholarship money and scarce spots at US college campuses. Their liberal leaders cheered this on as "diversity" and "multiculturalism" and even called for the de facto immigrant amnesty of the so-called "Dream Act."

Blacks watched as their hard earned urban electoral power base was eroded and diluted by an aggregation of foreign-born, now organized, voter cohorts.

I watch with amazement as at a McDonald's in the very shadow of Evanston Township High School, throngs of black teens are daily customers at a restaurant that seems to hire only foreign born, likely illegal, Latino workers.
Lame Brain Brown

Ultra-lefty Chicago Sun-Times columnist, Mark Brown, lamented the fact that Mr. Gardener's protests have targeted Latino workers. How terribly un-PC, that.

Well who is he going to target, lame brain Brown? How many times have you passed construction sites with all Latino immigrant laborers? When was the last time that you saw a black teen or a white man on a landscaping crew?

Well now there is, I suppose, at least one black Gardener in Chicago. He's an 87 year old activist and however belatedly, he has shined the spotlight on the devastating economic and cultural effects of 4 decades of uncontrolled foreign immigration.

And that has gotten Libs like Brown worried.

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