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Oppressed Proletariat of Lake Forest Schools Strikes: 2011 Teachers Salaries Listed

Posted below are the names and latest available salaries of the teachers of Lake Forest High School district 115

This past Wednesday these very unionized teachers of Lake Forest High School District 115 walked out on strike.
Members of the exploited proletariat of Lake Forest
who average $106k  for their 9 mo. gigs

These oppressed members of the proletariat average $106,500 a year in salary for their 9 month gigs and that compares pretty well with the already very generous Illinois average teacher salary of  $65,000.

But these oppressed members of the exploited working class - in what  is perhaps the most posh educational setting in Illinois still aren't satisfied.

Despite the continued national and statewide economic malaise (believe it or not there have been foreclosures even in Lake Forest) these piggies are still holding out for raises of 5 to 6.5 percent per year.

Here are the 2011 salaries of all teachers and administrative employees of Lake Forest High School district 115. These are the latest available and have been garnered by the Family Taxpayers Foundation database  from state pension reports. If you click on the individual teacher's name you can see further data, such as specialty and years of service:

Lake Forest CHSD 115 2011 Download data

"Maher, Jr."$0
Abrams, Ryan$90,802
Alexander Collier, Cindy$93,208
Antrim, Wendy$132,483
Aronson, Steve$81,721
Austin, Christine$78,952
Barndt, Darren$103,829
Bassill, Robert$91,500
Baysinger, Kristen$75,921
Behling, James$51,784
Benson, Rhonda$151,701
Berkshire, Jacqueline$125,969
Bielski, Carolyn$98,605
Birtman, Amy$104,321
Bower, Diane$120,567
Brandes, David$142,452

Brown, Denise
Bryant, Christopher$74,193
Burkhalter, Timothy$137,306
Chantler, Julie$113,140
Christofylakis, Elizabeth$88,433
Clark, Carol$101,263
Clark, Diane$151,530
Clegg, Laura$112,843
Clegg, Stephen$133,945
Coad, Daniel$130,594
Cooley, Julie$0
Cooney, Tamar$134,325
Cyrus, Michael$0
Davenport, Candice$110,663
De Rosa, Joseph$96,025
DeBartolo, Laura$82,809
Del Fava, Raymond$116,977
Dewar, Matthew$64,531
Donlon, William$124,643
Doucette, Melissa$105,762
Douglass, Stephen$101,430
Dukats, Mara$94,973
Dunn, Stephen$93,551
Earl Shore, Mary$12,033
Eccleston, Jane$102,732
Fallon, Maureen$79,871
Ferges, Lance$111,065
Ferrari, Matthew$102,452
Filippo, Anthony$168,740
Finley, Christopher$109,777
Fisk, Justin$76,515
Flangel, Laura$107,596
Forgette, Stephen$108,956
Forst, Margaret$0
Foster, Steven$92,016
Freedman, Keith$128,428
Gantt, Lloyd$135,403
Gatta, Jennifer$78,243
Gibson, Laura$142,201
Gigiano, Thomas$104,785
Gilbert, Scott$118,609
Goldstein, Paul$84,295
Gray, David$67,559
Gress, Charles$149,852
Griffith, Harry$0
Grigg, Laura$70,540
Grosskopf, Lauren$56,155
Harmsen, Joseph$85,718
Harmsen, Margaret$83,735
Harris, Julie$55,380
Haskett, Timothy$130,099
Hawkins, David$127,865
Heroux, Kathryn$130,695
Hersam, Susan$48,731
Hoak, Bradford$129,221
Hoffmann, Joseph$184,733
Horan, Sandra$122,846
Huffman, Lisa$74,593
Jankovich, Christine$80,517
Jensen, Elizabeth$127,347
Jerch, Janie$134,242
Johnson, Pamela$131,344
Johnson, Steven$143,361
Johnson, Todd$94,031
Jones, Kimberly$114,261
Kessler, Janene$114,867
Kleeman, John$89,705
Knight, Jennifer$112,020
Koerner, Mary$113,610
Koesling, Erika$70,560
Kollasch, Michael$90,637
Konz, Carolyn$90,225
Kopecky, Lena$83,569
Kopriva, Karen$134,449
Kuhl, Mark$136,593
Labuhn, Kathryn$111,864
Landvick, Ariel$127,011
Landvick, Christopher$86,146
LaScala, Philip$123,355
Lawrenz, Michelle$98,669
Lemke, Andrea$94,255
Lesniak, Frank$115,420
Levinson, Marni$93,795
Lindsey, Shelly$113,044
Littel, Kerry$131,418
Lopez, Elizabeth$87,866
Lowry, Matthew$101,008
Lubliner, Peter$77,483
Lyons, Amy$71,220
MacBlane, Kelly$82,486
Macius, Albert$123,814
Maigler, Daniel$105,937
Matheson, James$111,456
McHaney, Tamara$120,541
McKee, Kelly$125,130
Meagher, Thomas$123,460
Micksch, Nancy$99,914
Miles, Megan$109,957
Moore, Richard$105,334
Mueller, Rebecca$132,581
Naughton, Bradley$132,076
Nawor, Mary Beth$129,965
O'Donnell, Erin$81,771
Osing, Mark$126,009
Papp, Barbara$146,724
Patel, Nitin$91,681
Pulio, Joseph$137,433
Quinn, Merry$136,310
Richards, Evan$153,016
Ruda, Bradley$100,534
Runft, Brian$94,656
Sandler, Leslie$102,897
Schneider, Deborah$87,506
Schuessler, Kurt$104,528
Secker, Katherine$94,806
Selvaggio, Barbara$0
Sheeran, Denis$101,185
Simmons, Gregory$76,810
Slater, Bridget$102,430
Snell, Jennifer$113,414
Song, Heather$94,413
Sorensen, Rebecca$100,379
Spagnoli, Charles$137,607
Sperling, Laura$90,637
Stoll, Megan$74,197
Straus, Robin$140,166
Sullivan, James$153,202
Swann, Miriam$73,251
Sweet, Nathan$51,241
Tantillo, Nicole$34,674
Thiel, James$171,784
Thumm, Linda$123,326
Tomek, Michelene$54,007
Van Nuys, Stephen$101,810
Van Skyock, Jennifer$90,637
Vogler, Heather$67,673
Wagemann, Robert$121,480
Wanninger, John$93,288
Webster, Trent$123,291
Werner, Ray$102,245
Westrich, Andrea$127,651
Wilhelm, Kyle$84,823
Wise, Andrea$96,995
Wolfe, Elizabeth$120,137
Woodruff, Philip$127,245
Yavetsky, Andre$122,743
Zare, Debra$129,129
Zimmermann, Amy$49,445
Zollo, Benjamin$84,399

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  1. I live down the block from one of these highly paid teachers and frankly I'm getting tired of getting ever larger property tax bills to subsidize this.


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