Sunday, October 14, 2012

Feminazi Fritz's NOW Affiliation Covered Up By Redeye

On July 11th of this year the leftist National Organization for Women (NOW) formally endorsed Barack Obama for President.

Stealth feminazi, Niki Fritz

On September 6th, the Chicago Tribune's newspaper for dummies, the Redeye, on page 4, ran a screed by one Niki Fritz, effectively endorsing Obama in terms so gushingly Pollyannish and absurd that it seemed to have come directly from the Obama campaign's talking points.

Fraulein Fritz, who heaves up a periodic column there, was described as a "Redeye Special Contributor." She was listed as having an email address at

Fraulein Fritz also happens to be the PR Chairwomen of the Chicago chapter of the aforementioned NOW.

In a truly outrageous violation of journalistic ethical standards the Redeye's editors conveniently failed to mention that.

Can you imagine the howls of indignation from the left if a mainstream news entity published a glowing endorsement of Romney by an operative of -- say -- the conservative Illinois Family Institute -- and covered up the association?

The call-in lines at the lefty radio outlets, WCPT and WBEZ would be abuzz with protest and soon thereafter, Redeye editorial heads would be rolling in Tribune Tower.
Redeye Editor Tran Ha - journalistic ethics
straight from Mao's cultural revolution

Indeed, The Society of Professional Journalists' code of ethics says, among many other things that journalists should:

"—Avoid conflicts of interest, real or perceived.
---- Remain free of associations and activities that may compromise integrity or damage credibility.


— Disclose unavoidable conflicts."

One other tenet of the Professional Journalists Code of ethics holds that journalists should,

" — Expose unethical practices of journalists and the news media."

So who at the Tribune Corporation can we count on to do this?

Certainly not Redeye editor, Tran Ha, whose ideas of journalistic ethicality and transparency seem to parallel those of the Maoist cultural revolution.

This is an era of unrestrained left-wing media bias and this is the season of what Bernard Goldberg calls, the media's "slobbering love affair" with Obama.

So if you are waiting for journalistically ethical behavior from the Chicago Tribune Corp. ----

don't hold your breath.


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    1. Wrong tense there. That is an ancient photo from her college era Myspace page. Today she looks like the harridan that her writing suggests her to be. Reminds me a bit of my old German aunt Marcella.

  2. Soooo, ahhhhh... what's Marcella's number?


  3. Journalistic ethics - is this the real concern you're trying to get across to people? I'm a little confused, frankly. There is a publication space for every form of writing - you seem to have found your niche here on the internet as a blogger. No degree required. Of any kind. Nikki wrote an article for the Red Eye in which she backs Obama. As you seem to understand, the media tends to lean toward the liberal view of things, and this is Chicago after all. You may not have proudly stated that you're voting for Romney, and honestly, no one cares which side of the political pendulum you swing, but that much is evident and you didn't even have to say it - if you shared her views, let's be real, this entry in your online journal wouldn't have been written with this much snarky elementary angst. Let me ask you this, would you have been so bothered if she'd written about liking the Cubs over the Sox? The fact that you took a moment to, not only accuse a woman of being professionally unethical because she found a space, a tangible publication, where she can write what she wants (a lot like your blog), but you then also called her a nazi and stooped to insulting her physical appearances, actually says a lot more about you as a writer than her. Maybe you should send your resume to the National Enquirer. They love people like you with no personal ethics, let alone professional ones.

    1. When you write: "I'm a little confused, frankly" I couldn't agree more.

      You very conveniently sidestepped the key point of the article i.e. that it is the height of journalistic unethicality to try and pawn off an overt partisan flack, like Fritz, as a mere, "Redeye Special Contributor." NOW is a leftist politcal player and Fritz is their agent and Tribune/Redeye failed to disclose that when she was figuratively quivering in ecstasy in print, over the wonders of Obama.

      Tribune Corp. dissemblers are always going on and on about their journalistic objectivity and transparency. Hogwash! One female Tribune scribe told me she couldn't sign a political nominating petition because it would compromise her appearance of objectivity. What rot!

      And these people are always chanting the mantra about the need for diversity. Well, where the hell is the diversity of opinion and worldview in their newsrooms? Can you name a single libertarian or conservative or even practicing Christian on the Tribune payroll?

      And you say that because the media is leftist and this is Chicago it is OK for the Redeye to run with a flagrantly left-wing bias-- huh?

      Mainstream media has been so compromised and exposed by their conduct over the past 2 election cycles that their credibility is now close to zilch. Their financial decline will accelerate and their remaining advertisers will soon find it very dicey, indeed, to continue to underwrite them.

      BTW, feminazi is a common term in some realms of political parlance, popularized, as it was, by Rush Limbaugh. It refers to that breed of female who essentially despises men and views abortion as being the natural culmination of a heterosexual act of passion. You know, like your basic NOW member.

    2. I don't think you want to mention the National Enquirer when trying to defend Redeye. When that rag is not covering Lady GAGA and Paris Hilton and beer joints it is showing more tits and ass than anything else in Chicago. Redeye makes the National Enquirer look like a serious journal.


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