Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Election Ethno Name Game Part 2: Larry "Kyle" Frank

Some months back we posted an article about the ridiculous propensity of Chicago area pols to finagle with their names to try and attain an ethnic edge on the ballot.

Larry Frank became "Kyle"
 after he went to Eatin'

We chronicled how this election season we'll have a Fillipina named O'Brien and a Jew named Drury. 

We chronicled how in past election seasons we had a WASP with a Polish ballot name and scores of women of somewhat bland ethnicities who, for ballot purposes, adopted their husbands' Irish names or Italian names.

Well, add to the list one Kyle Frank who is running for State Representative in the North Shore's 17th legislative district.

He is running as a Republican against a truly execrable, ultra left-wing Northeastern  Illinois University (see: "high schools with ashtrays") teaching assistant named Laura Fine.

The fact that candidate Frank's name is "Kyle" today would come as something of a surprise to his former classmates at Skokie's Niles North High School. They simply knew him as an ungainly Jewish kid from Skokie's North side named Larry Frank.

But apparently at one time he set his sites on running for office as a Republican in the Northern suburbs and needed a new, enhanced, ballot name.

Likely he considered "Skippy" Frank and "J. Danforth" Frank but ultimately decided that "Kyle" had a nice enough WASPish GOP ring to it.

Perhaps he figured that it would make voters think that instead of Niles North he went to Eton.

And from the looks of his campaign photo, it is quite apparent that at one time he did, in fact, go to eatin'.

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