Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chicago Preparing For Election Night Riots if Obama Loses

Twitter and Facebook have been abuzz with posters, largely African-American, who have been threatening civil disorder in America's streets if their messiah Barack H. Obama should lose the election next Tuesday.

Free Stuff For Everybody if
Obama Loses -- Or Wins

Seems Obama's African-American amen corner now has come to view a black president as being yet another entitlement, kind of like food stamps, section 8 subsidized housing, or racial preference job quotas for unqualified minorities.

The possibility of election night rioting has not gone unnoticed by Chicago Police. Some privately say they expect something like the 1992 LA Rodney King race riots here in Obama's home town and the Chicago Police Department has plans to go on high alert on election night.

According to today's Chicago Tribune:

"There are indications the city is preparing for issues beyond securing McCormick Place (site of Obama's election night event), whether it's informal gatherings in downtown parks or incidents in neighborhoods. The Chicago Police Department has canceled days off for officers, ordered plainclothes cops into uniform and is scheduling 12-hour shifts for Election Day, police sources said.

"Those moves mirror arrangements for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization meetings in May, an event that should have prepared all levels of law enforcement to handle Tuesday, said Jeff Cramer, a former federal prosecutor who heads the Chicago office of Kroll Advisory Solutions, a global security consulting firm."

The soft-soap peddling, city spokesmen claim the moves are designed to head off overly exuberant celebrators if Obama wins.

But there were no such elaborate preparations in '08 and the rapture of Obama's messianic victory caused no civic disorder from "over exuberant celebrations," by any of the 250,000 celebrants who gathered at Grant park back then.

But with Romney now ahead in national polls as well as in the critical swing state of Ohio and continuing to surge, you can bet that they're really thinking about the Rodney King-styled race riot scenario if Obama loses.

They just dare not say it.


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