Thursday, August 30, 2012

Homeless Homos Mum Over Hizzhonor's Handoff to Catholic Charities

We have been, frankly, quite perplexed over the absence of outcry from Chicago's homosexual community over Mayor Rahm Emmanuel's decision to turn over the city's homeless services to Catholic Charities.

Why have gay activists been mum over
Rahm's Catholic Charities homeless handoff?

True, one lone gay blogger expressed consternation that the hellish sons of the Spanish Inquisition might not do such things as conduct AIDS/HIV tests on homeless shelter denizens or refer them to the Gay outreach center in Boystown.

The gay blogger also protested that Catholic Charities would be averse to referring clients to Planned Parenthood. And I always thought that unwanted pregnancies were the last thing homosexuals had to worry about -- silly me..

But overall, the response has been surprisingly muted considering that homosexual activists made such a stink over Catholic adoption services.

The Catholic Charities agency had precluded homosexual couples from adopting innocent children from them. Working with the left-wing Democrats that control Illinois, the homosexual cabal forced Catholic Charities, after many decades of service, to opt out of the adoption business.
Will the Catholics deny Queen-sized
cots to homeless homo couples?

So why aren't the gay civil libertarians hollering over the likelihood that Catholic run shelters might not let their homeless fellow adherents freely engage in erotic expression on the provided cots and bunk beds?

Why aren't they caterwauling that the Popish authoritarians might outlaw water sports in the showers? And what about "married" gay couples? Will the Catholic homeless shelter administrators deny them their marital rights to frolic in Queen-sized floor mattresses?

All these lingering vital questions are hanging out there unresolved and unaddressed by Chicago's homosexual activists and we can't figure out why.

Except possibly, it's because they dare not raise a peep of protest against the author of  this move, their fellow lefty, the Rahmfather.

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