Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Evanston To Hold "Mau Mau Whitey" Seminars

Beginning tomorrow night at the Evanston City Hall, The City of Evanston will begin hosting three city-wide events entitled “My Evanston, My Neighbors: Constructive Dialogues on Race."

Madelyn Ducre: Evanston Mau-Mau

In the Obama era, a "dialogue" on racial issues means having a phalanx of cockamamie, minority race profiteers and other lefties noisily tell a flock of masochistic, self-loathing white people how awful they are.

In the early 70s, Tom Wolfe called this "Mau-Mauing." In fact he wrote a best-selling book called "Radical Chic and Mau-Mauing the Flack Catchers."

Back then, wealthy liberal New Yorkers would invite radical Black Panthers to their Manhattan salons for a fashionable soiree.

At the soiree, the Black Panthers would harangue the guilt-ridden New York liberals, yell at them, tell them how they were all miserable racists and then demand from them, sizable donations.

That was called "Mau-Mauing."

All in all an enjoyable evening in the weird world of American liberalism.

Now, Evanston's leftist Mayor, Elizabeth Tisdahl, has decided that Evanston liberals all should be able to enjoy a night (or 3) of being Mau-Maued on the city government's dime.

Hence these "Constructive Dialogues on Race."

The idea was actually the brain-child of one Evanston race huckster by the name of Madelyn Ducre.

This civic dynamo has been vocal on such issues as Evanston Police brutality, legalizing pot and keeping in place, the superfluous Evanston Township government.

In expounding on the joys of her new city-sponsored Mau mauing sessions, Ducre told the Daily Northwestern: "We're not going to stop hate overnight, but it's a start."

You can see, right off where this thing is going.

"Hate speech", "Hate crimes" and "Hate" in general are leftist code words for evil deeds perpetuated by the white man.

Be sure to be there in Evanston, tomorrow night, for this exciting new development in Obama-era, "racial dialogue."

If you're white, wear a hair shirt.


  1. You, sir, would benefit from a 'racial dialogue'.

    1. Spoken like a "dialogue co-ordinator" at one of Mao Tse Tung's or Pol Pot's re-education camps.

      Maybe you didn't get the memo - we have a bill of rights here in the US and thought and speech are protected.

  2. Black Obama supporters are the real racists -- take a look at Prof. Victor Davis Hanson's analysis:


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