Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Open Season on Bikes in Chicago -- And Daley's Cops Don't Care

Mayor Richie "Shortshanks" Daley's PR people try to characterize him as a "green" bicyclist and one machine pol who is intent on making Chicago one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the USA.

Well, mayor-for-life, "Shortshanks," has done some good things in terms of expanding the configuration of bicycle paths and we ought give credit where credit is due.

But the corrupt, creaky, 1920s vintage Capone-era, liberal Democrat kleptocracy that he lords over is doing its utmost to undermine those stated fine intentions.

I have been back in Chicago for almost a decade now, and have had six -- count them 6 -- bicycles stolen and the crooked, inept, Democrat machine cops think its either kind of funny -- or of no importance.

In fact Daley's Democrat crooked cops have actually been said to have put together a market to sell hot bikes near the public housing projects near West Madison Avenue.

To wit -- a 10 speed AMF bike stolen by African-American kids out of a garage near Dempster in Evanston in 1993 -- the Evanston machine Democrat clods oversaw this -- so not directly Daley's fault.

One down.

A 3 speed, mint condition, Raleigh, made in England, Sprite, away from which my dog and I were about 100 yds. away, mounted and rode off on by an obviously Mexican resident in Chicago's 50th Ward. CPD response -- there's nothing we can do about it. Liberal Democrat, Richie Shortshank's viewpoint, "we're a sanctuary city -- let them all in. Tough luck to you. Just pay your taxes and fines And p-off. I need the Latino vote"

Two down.

A near mint 70's vintage Schwinn Suburban, made in Chicago, 10 spd. locked to a post on the street near Clark and Devon in the 49th Ward of Chicago. Locked cut off. When my dog and I were later walking in Warren Park, we saw an obviously Mexican, resident kid riding that very bike. When I confronted him, he said that he was given it by "Hector" at the carwash. I didn't grab him and punch him. I should have. When I called the 24th didtrict cops, they came and said, "there is nothing we can do."

Three down.

When I was working out of an office at Lawrence and Western, I locked my Trek 820 bike outside. When I came outside during a break, I noticed that it was missing. I stood by the entrance of the building for a few minutes, fuming, and then a Puerto Rican girl came by riding my bike on the sidewalk. I thrust out my arm and grabbed the carrier and arrested her progress. Told her it was my bike and what the hell was she doing riding it? She said her boyfriend gave it to her.

Four down (but this one recovered)

I was commuting down the Damen Ave. bikepath from Wicker Park to the far North side last fall, when a cloudburst ensued and I ducked into a Jiffy John in an alley in Roscoe Village to get out of the rain. Left my Peugeot road bike outside, but put a bungee cord in the spokes to preclude someone getting on and just riding away. With rain pounding and earphones on, stayed there for about seven minutes until rain subsided. When I poked my head out of the door to leave, I saw an illegal-alien Mexican metal trash collector truck tearing down the alley with my Peugeot in his truck bed. My briefcase containing eyeglasses, a paycheck, personal papers and a Chicago Public Library copy of John Dos Passos' "America" Trilogy went with the illegal alien trash vendor. I now owe $40 to the CPL for the book. You know what, Democrats -- there not going to get it. I'm on strike.

Five Down

I parked a $400 Schwinn mtn bike in front of the Dunkin Donuts on Devon and Troy 2 months ago and walked into the office. Within 3 hours the limp, severed cable was there, but not the bike. Reported it to the 24th district CPD -- their response, "probably nothing we can do."

Six Down

I found a rather nice and rather new Specialized mtn bike with very expensive Continental road tires. It was near Foster and Pulaski. Being a good citizen, and having been victimized by these bike theft creeps, myself, I decided to turn it in to the CPD station on Pulaski near Lawrence. The desk Sgt. summoned the cop in charge of bike reclamaton, who seemed totally bored with his job and essentially told me that he didn't want to be bothered so why don't I just keep the bike.

I did and gave it to some neighbor kids.

So much for Daley's "Bike-Friendly Chicago."

And so it goes.

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