Thursday, April 23, 2009

Larry "Butts" Suffredin Spews Forth a Smokescreen

Cook County Commissioner, Larry "Butts" Suffredin (D- Peoples Republic of Evanston) -- the former Springfield lobbyist for the tobacco industry today tried to salvage his flagging political career by coming out on WLS-AM radio and asserting that he was the anti-Todd Stroger "reformist" pol on the Board -- despite having been the only surburbanite to have voted for the Toddling's -- highest in the nation -- Cook County sales tax increase.

Even the devoted lemmings of Suffredin's ultra-left wing Schakowsky Democrat political mob, pay taxes.

And some of even those knee-jerk lefties aren't thrilled with him. Even they aren't thhrilled with shelling out an extra 11 cents on the dollar every time they buy a carton of tofu or pack of nearly-rotten organic pears at their local overpriced Whole Foods Market.

They didn't expect this.

They just thought that only Kenilworth yacht purchasers would have to pay it.

Not so.

And now Palatine Township voters (and those in several other thoughtful outlying Townships) have passed a referendum suggesting that they are not thrilled with the prospect of footing the bill for Ms. Schakowsky's and Mr. Suffredin's lumpen-proletariat illegal-alien freebie Cook County Hospital users, nor their enormously enthusiastic cohort of liberal Democrat voters in the Cook County Jail.

So Larry "Butts" Suffredin is in a bit of an electoral sticky wicket.

Fortunately for sober Cook County voters, Larry "Butts" has to sell his shameless schtick to a larger suburban realm than just his Evanston lefty lemmings.

No wonder that Larry "Butts" Suffredin was groveling on WLS this morning.

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