Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Chicago Lampoon

Chicago is a very funny city.

In fact, it is a windswept glacial burg that is the source of a never-ending supply of knee-slappers and outright horselaughs.

From the neophyte community organizer that it foisted on an unsuspecting American electorate to the mop-topped sociopathic boy-Governor that it sent to the Letterman show, to its storied depression era, tommy-gun toting philanthropists, it has produced some truly amusing and amazing characters.

It has a Mayor who is a stranger to proper employment of the English language, but a key source of employment to legions of Democrat ward heelers. It has a Republican Party that relocated its headquarters to a hole-in-the-wall office storefront, with no parking in the hipster-doofus part of town and still regularly slates a guy known as "Sparky the Clown" for high civic office.

It has 50 sleepy Alderman and 5, usually somnolescent, professional sports franchises

It has two Jesse Jacksons!

It has more potholes per capita than Nairobi, a creaky 1940s-era elevated train system, cops who get caught on tape punching out bar maids and businessmen and still thinks it can sponsor the International Summer Olympics.

I am only going to report and comment on what actually happens in Chicago. To make up stuff that weird would tax my inventive capabilities to the limit (or at least as high as the, highest-in-the-nation, Cook County sales taxes.)

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  1. Many allusions but clear who the targets are. Good writing! This blog deserves to get the interview with Eddie V.


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