Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More on Car Repo in West Rogers Park/Lincolnwood

Eli, the Repo-man, native of West Rogers Park, had two amusing tales of his adventures in West Rogers Park and Lincolnwood, where uncharacteristically, car repossession is becoming more common.

Once he pulled his tow truck in front of a house in the Eastern part of the 50th Ward, where he spotted the target car. When he went to the door to serve the repo papers to the owner, a heavily tatooed fellow wearing short pants, the man denied that he was the owner of the vehicle and refused service of the paperwork.

The owner was someone named James Davison and the man answering the door at Davison's address, repeatedly denied he was that person. Eli then inquired as to why he was sporting a Jimmy Davison tatoo of his left calf: "If it isn't you, are you wearing the tatoo because he is your life-partner or something?"

Apparently Jimmy thought the concept that he would have a gay life partner more odious than parting with his vehicle, so sadly, he signed the papers.

Eli related the tale of his encounter with what he called a household full of gypsies in Lincolnwood.

The thought that there are gypsies or organized Romany living in affluent Lincolnwood may seem somewhat incongrous. But the chief investigative specialist for organized Romany crime activity in all of Cook County is located at the Skokie Police Department, so that would seem to indicate some settlement of gypsies in the area.

Tow truck in full view, Eli went to the door of the home of the deadbeat Lincolnwood car buyer to serve the repo papers and reports that a swarm of 6 or 7 gypsies began running out of the house to their cars, firing up the engines and driving off like a scene from a NASCAR event starting line.

Apparently they weren't sure whose car was being repo-ed, but were all assuming the worst.

I don't believe that Eli ever got the gypsy car in question.

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