Thursday, January 23, 2014

WLS' Kelli Walker Spurts Anti-White Slur Over Richard Sherman Rant

Once again the dual racial sensitivity standard prevails as black radio traffic info babe, Ovation hair care products spokesperson and  recent WLS-AM affirmative action hire, Kelli Walker, blurted out an anti-white slur while bantering with morning talkers, Bruce Wolf and Dan Proft.
The white-sounding
non-cornrowed Kelli Walker

On their Monday morning program, Wolf and Proft were discussing Seattle Seahawk, Richard Sherman's now famous, thuggish and threatening post-game rant.

In the widely disseminated interview with Erin  Andrews of Fox Sports (see video below), the cornrow-coiffed Seattle  cornerback assumed his most threatening pose and semi coherent ghetto lingo and foamed at  Andrews, "

“Don’t you ever talk about me!”

“Who was talking about you?” Andrews asked

“Crabtree. Don’t you open your mouth about the best. Or I’m going to shut it for you real quick. LOB"

At this, the non-cornrowed, black traffic news reader, Kelli Walker, blurted into the Wolf-Proft discussion: Sounds like she had a blond moment with that question.


It was an entirely legitimate question in the context of Sherman's vitriolic gibberish -- Time Sports correspondent Sean Gregory even wrote that it showed the blond Andrew's professionalism in keeping the rant going.

But Kelli Walker called it: A blond moment.

A blond moment?.

Why isn't that considered a racial and sexist slur? Only white people have blond hair and the "Blond moment" taunt has become a racially-tinged suggestion of stupidity on the part of white women.

Imagine the brouhaha that would ensue with racial hucksters Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton if a white WLS employee blurted that Kelli Walker had a "big butt moment." -- or a "Cornrows moment."

Oh wait a minute, the white-sounding Walker has straight hair.

Do Ovation hair care products work for cornrows?


  1. Replies
    1. Such laser-like logic! Such eloquence! I'd bet you're a Chicago Public School teacher.

  2. Imagine someone saying they had a "black moment"?
    That would mean an 85 IQ moment or less ....

    1. I find it funny that with all the calls for a "fearless dialogue" on race in America there is never discussion of Herrnstein's 1994 study, "The Bell Curve" which quantified racial differences in IQ on a subpopulational basis. Guess they're not such "fearless" discussions after all..

  3. Why are there those scratch marks on her upper tits?

    1. Exactly...dem bee's dose i gots me fo chillins marks...mmm hhmmm, and that must be a wig or a weave. and damn near blond at that...double mmmm hhmmm mmmm hhmmm


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