Monday, November 14, 2011

Journalism Northwestern Style: What, Where, When, Race (Censored)

Militantly Colorblind
 NU Infobabe Susan Du

There they go again. I'm talking about the babes who run Northwestern University's Daily Northwestern -- the Big-10's only all-girl student newspaper.

It seems like these Medill journalism acolytes are devoted to reporting all the news, all the time, except when the criminal miscreants preying on Northwestern students happen to be black.

That little tidbit of information goes right down the NU Orwellian memory hole.

In last Monday's edition, on page 2, crack Daily Northwestern news sleuth, Susan Du, apprised the student body of the latest criminal assault on an NU student by the local toughs who populate the "other: Evanston.

"A Northwestern student standing on the porch of his apartment was robbed early Sunday morning... At approximately 1:20 a.m., four male teenagers walking on the 2000 block of Ridge Avenue...grabbed the student's smart phone and fled westbound on Leon Place, the student told officers. Evanston and University Police were unable to locate the four teenagers, described as 16 to 17 years old and ranging from 5'7" to 5'10" tall.

The student could not offer a more detailed description of the teens, according to the notification."

HMMM. What's wrong with this picture?
Evanston Youths of Indeterminate Race

How about the race of the assailants? Does the erudite Ms. Du mean to suggest to us that the victim was capable of reporting the precise heights and age range of these latest assailants yet was incapable of distinguishing the fact that they were, in fact, black?

This comes on the heels of a September 26th report in the Daily Northwestern about a white student who was pistol-whipped and robbed near campus, when they likewise neglected to report that the assailants were black.

So NU students, go ahead and live in your little Daily Northwestern induced PC fantasyland, if you like. As for me, I'm walking down another street when I see a gang of 4 black Evanston "youths" approaching.

And maybe also putting my hand around the grip of my concealed firearm.


  1. I wonder, if the perps were purple or green with pink stripes, do you think it would still go unreported?

    Better yet, if they were white, would it still go unreported?

  2. White yutes would have been reported as Neo-Nazi's

  3. You are so right. When there was anti-immigrant grafitti in EV a few mos. back, the papers went apeshit and the EV cops called it "subversive" and started a major investigation. What useless hypocrites.

  4. Neo Nazi's - Duh, I should have thought of that!

    Or, they'd be called Republicans, or Christians. *eyeroll*


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