Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our Salute to Polish Hip-Hop Culture

We have been quite remiss in neglecting coverage of Chicago's teeming Polish-American community. With a total of 179,868 Polish born as of 2007 Community Survey U.S. Census data, it no longer can boast of being a larger population than Krakow, but Chicago's Poles remain a very formidable presence here.

We heartily apologize for having overlooked this year's big Taste of Polonia festivities in Jefferson Park over the Labor Day weekend. So to compensate, however belatedly, we are offering our readers this bit of interesting Polish culture, seldom experienced in Chicago, genuine Polish hip-hop:

Enjoy! or perhaps we should say: Cieszyć się!


  1. Not as many as Krakow anymore? Well that's a shame. The Polish community has added a lot to Chicago, I think. They've probably fled to more prosperous regions.

  2. Actually that may not be far from the truth. While many have fled to the suburbs, I met a young Polish couple who arrived here after the fall of Communism and they were moving back to Poland. They had a child and didn't want him growing up in "multicultural" Chicago.


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