Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Now Durbin Wants Baseball Chewing Ban

Sox Hall of Fame 2nd Baseman
and noted tobacco chewer Nelly Fox

This Illinois Democrat Senator Dick Durbin is getting to be one annoying asshole.

First he sponsored a bill to preclude banks from collecting fees for debit card use from his pals at Walmart and his other big retailer contributors.

Consequently, banks now have to shake you and me down $5 a month to underwrite the costs of processing debit card use.

Now Durbin, ever the buttinsky, has urged Major League Baseball to ban chewing tobacco and any other tobacco products during the upcoming World Series.

Let's see, unemployment's effectively above 10%, mortgage foreclosures are still rampant, the cost of living's climbing -- yea, this is what I want my U.S. Senator to be agonizing over -- baseball players dipping Skoal and chewing Red Man.

Nelly Fox must be turning over in his grave.


  1. A chewing ban in baseball? Is Durbin gunning to be fired? He just keeps pissing people off right AND left!

  2. I played softball in the U.S. Congressional league for about 10 years and our teams -- one of which won the Southern States Tournament there -- were fueled by beer and Marlboros.

    Durbin was there at the time but I guess he didn't hear about it, otherwise he would have been running around the field like a nanny trying to ban our brews and snuff out our butts.


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