Monday, June 6, 2011

Chicago PC Media Mum On Race of Black Streeterville Mob

Dvonte Sykes, Trovolus Pickett and Derodte Wright 
The violent Saturday night attacks on 3 white men and one Japanese tourist in the posh Streeterville neighborhood were perpetrated by  a gang of  15 to 20 black youths from the South side, according to Chicago's WLS-AM.

Dvonte Sykes, Trovolus Pickett and Derodte Wright were charged as adults today with felony robbery and mob action and police are still looking for about a dozen others.

The thuggish African-American mob violently attacked the four victims and stole ipods, cellphones and other electronic devices.

Callers to WLS-AM this morning, who identified themselves as retired or current Chicago Police said the city was covering up a wave of black on white mob violence in the city.

And to read the mainstream Chicago print media you wouldn't know that there was a racial component to these crimes at all.
Posh Streeterville

The Chicago Tribune's Sunday report by J. Gorner and A. Grimm generically referred to the perps simply as "youths" and "teens."

Rosemary Sobel's Sun-Times report delicately referred to the suspects simply as "males," "teens" and "adult criminals."

And UPI sent the story around the world making  reference only to Chicago "youths" and "teens."

They did use the term, "flash gang," referring to the mob's use of social media to instantly gather at a given place.

But if you relied on the color-blind PC print media, you might just as well have conjured up the image of a group of Sherpa Tibetan Twitterers or Finnish Facebook flash gangers.

Odd that the Chicago liberal media was more than happy to identify a suburban woman as "white" when she was accused of a "hate crime" for tugging a Muslim Pakistani's burkha. But when it comes to these black youth's who've been  violently rampaging against whites on the North side, the mainstream media's mysteriously color blind.

Do you think that the Tribune, Sun-Times and UPI are as rigorously color-blind when it comes to hiring reporters to acheive racial "diversity" on their news staffs?


  1. It should also be pointed out that one of those attacked was a 68 year-old man sitting on a bench smoking a cigar.

    Isn't it illegal to sit outside on a bench and smoke a cigar in Illinois?

  2. Not yet in Chicago, unless the bench was on the beach, then it is illegal. But please, don't give the nanny staters any ideas.

  3. Crazy and insane, and these kids need to be punished.

    A bunch of jerks hellbent on hurting people. Any who would attempt to justify or excuse that deserve the same punishment.

  4. The Trib reporters are afraid. Also, they let the public down by not fully identifying the perpetrators. Really shockingly disappointing "reporting."

  5. I think you're right. If this is a racial phenomenon, how are we to effectively deal with it if the public is kept blind to the underlying facts? This is an abrogation of journalistic responsibility and one of the reasons why the dead tree media is dying. No one believes them anymore.

  6. I'm glad to hear Chicago is not as bad as I thought. It was probably legal for the man to be sitting on that bench. He was an oncologist in town for a convention of cancer specialists.

  7. Where is Bernhard Goetz when we need him?

  8. And naturally IL remains one of the few state holdouts refusing to allow citizens their const. right to conceal and carry.

  9. Remember, bad people have no problem having access to guns. Illinois' ass-backwards concealed carry laws only really make more victims. Until that changes, people like these teens will know they can just prey on anyone, because Illinois basically denies law-abiding citizens the right to defend themselves. Stupid.


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