Saturday, June 25, 2011

Newport Cigarettes: Saturday Smoking Lounge

With news this week that the health nannies are now going to force macabre photo warnings onto cigarette wrappers, it's nice to take a trip back to the good old days when a man could quietly enjoy a smoke in his own living room -- and even enjoy some attractive company, as in this innovative Newport ad from the Go-Go, mod, mid-sixties:


  1. I tried Newport once. They were the brand of choice for a friend of mine and I bummed one. I never smoked another menthol again! LOL

    1. You bummed one? There Newports not Supports. This is another reason I don't smoke. All the bums.

  2. Menthols are always a nice occasional change of pace, altho Newports are a bit strong on the menthol. It is today the black smoker's hands down #1 favorite.


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