Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Todd Stroger's Exercise in Fertility

Radio news directors throughout the city were having great fun with the Toddling's most recent Yogi-Berra-istic malapropism. In the wake of the Cook County Board's 12-3 vote to rollback his 1% County sales tax increase, he blurted out that he wouldn't veto the act because it would be "an exercise in fertility."

But those broadcasting eminences didn't understand that the hereditary, pygmy Prince was saying pretty much what he meant. He meant that the tax, which gave Chicago the highest sales tax in the country, was itself "an exercise in fertility."

Let me explain.

One summer during my high school years, my uncle invited me up to Wisconsin to work on a dairy farm. Being too young to drive a car at the time, I got a big thrill out of driving the tractor. So I always volunteered to drive the manure spreader thru the fields. A manure spreader is a little trailer attached to the rear of the tractor and when engaged, it shoots its load of cow manure into the air in all directions out across the field.

It is an exercise in fertility.

Pretty much like the Toddling's vision of government.

Stroger announced that he was going to veto the tax relief measure after all and he announced it to his political base on black talk radio station WVON. After all, the preponderance of his base pay no taxes at all and are the principal users of subsidized county health and welfare services.

He's just taking Obama's dictum to heart -- that the role of government is to spread it around.

Today on the relatively conservative WLS radio, the Toddling ducked, weaved and dodged facts relating to his tax increase and abruptly cut off the interview.

For instance, he had no response to the Civic Federation's findings that in the wake of his tax hike, retail activity had fallen by 5.7% in areas of Cook County which border other lower tax counties, by 4.1% in Cook County overall and this compared to a recession-driven decline of only 1.7% in adjoining counties.

He had nothing to say about the hundreds of millions lost due to a failure of the county to bill Medicare, Medicaid and individuals for health services rendered.

When asked about his "friends and family" hiring practices, he blathered that he had only 3 blood relatives pulling down 6 figures at county jobs -- conveniently neglecting to mention the numerous relatives by marriage, old high school chums and felonious dishwasher pals.

Yea, Todd was spreading it on pretty thick.

And along with, Obama, the man who endorsed this nincompoop for office, get ready to have them spread your earnings around to their constituencies.

It's an exercise in fertility.

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