Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blowhard Biden and Chicago's Laughable CPS Schools

I first met Senator Joe Biden in the early 90's, just after he had his new hair transplant plugs.

A pal of mine, Jonas, whose father was a leader of the Chicago Lithuanian Community worked with me on Capitol Hill then. Jonas worked for the old Chicago, crew-cutted, Polack, Congressman, Ed Derwinski.

At the time Lithuania was becoming the first of the Soviet-dominated slave states to unilaterally assert its independence from Gorbachev's grip, and Jonas was asked to go on CNN and argue the case for US recognition of Lithuanian freedom.

Taking the other side of the issue was the dissembling, hair-deprived, Delaware Democrat, Joe Biden.

I met Senator Biden in the CNN green room before the show, and he seemed an amiable enough dunce. This was just after he had been outed by the media for plagiarizing, verbatim, a speech by a fellow blowhard, British Socialist Labour candidate for PM, who ran a failed campaign against the great "Iron Lady," Conservative Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

Biden is now the liberal Democrat Vice-President of the United States. Obama's devoted running mate.

Thursday on the NBC Today Show, Blowhard Biden blurted out to Matt Bauer, that he would advise Americans to avoid subways, buses and air transport to avoid the contagion of the Mexican Swine flu.

Obama's equally blowhardian yahoo press secretary, Robert "Gomer" Gibbs, then told a laughing Washington press corps: "He really didn't mean to say that. What he meant to say was....."

The new Oberfurhrer of Homeland Security, Janet "Goebbels" Napolitano also offerred in " What he meant to say was....."

This brings to mind the old Mayor Richard J. Daley's old balding press secretary, Earl Bush. After one of hizzoner's almost daily malapropic, Yogi Berra-isms ("The Chicago Police aren't here to create disorder -- they're here to preserve disorder,") Bush would admonish the Chicago press corps to "Print what he means, not what he says."

This would evoke loud guffaws from the assembled liberal journalists and haughty derision from the liberal Chicago Lakeshore elite.

But all we hear from the liberal gaggle about Biden's, actually very dangerous statement is --- "well, that's just Joe being Joe."

Funny, I don't recall the liberal establishment giving that same, forgiving, benefit of the doubt to conservative Senator Trent Lott when he made eminently less socially dangerous comments at Senator Strom Thurmond's birthday party. They howled at Lott and hounded him from the Senate leadership.

What hypocrites these American leftists!

And what undiscerning quietude by the American sheeple.

But why not?

Today's Chicago Public School student is treated to a daily diet of propagandistic leftist goo. In their English classes, Shakespeare and Chaucer are disregarded as "Old white men." And frauds like Maya Angelou and bigots like Malcolm X are elevated to the status of great provenders of profundity.

For decades now, CPS students are taught how to put a condom on a cucumber, but aren't even vaguely exposed to the Greek and Latin classic literature -- the pinnacle of human expression and thought.

Maybe if they had been they would be more discerning in the face of bloviators like Biden.

Perhaps then, they might have been able to refer to the 4th century B.C. Hellenistic poet, Nicarchus who wrote:

"You certainly should have made a sign saying which was your mouth,
which your asshole.
Just now when you were gabbing, I thought you farted."

Wonder what the ancient Greek poet would have had to say about Obama's blowhard veep. Obama's press secretary, Obama's Homeland Security Czar and about the teflon Messiah, himself.

The more things change -- the more they stay the same.

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