Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tom Robbins on Immigration: From the Melting Pot to the Chamber Pot

It's rare to find a widely-acclaimed member of the American literati speak honestly and rationally about the immigration invasion/multiculturalism afflicting the USA, but Tom Robbins did just that.
Tom Robbins

Leftist censorship of politically incorrect sentiments must have been more lax in 1994, when Robbins blasted the neo-Marxist dogma of multiculturalism. But he did just that in his best-selling novel, of that year, Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas.

Robbins is no conservative by any means. He admits to dropping LSD with Timothy Leary. Italian leftist literary critic, Fernanda Pivano called him "the most dangerous writer in America." (She meant that in a good way.)

The reviewers at the lefty mainstream Washington Post and New York Times lavished praise on his 1994 opus.

They mustn't have read his book -- or at least page 134 of the Bantam Books edition where Robbins wrote this about multiculturalism in America:

"In point of fact, America has always been multicultural, but until fairly recently, the nation was a symbolic pot in which various peoples were metaphorically melted, blending into one rich alloy; and it was that fusion of talents, philosophies,attributes and inclinations - renewable and adaptable - that gave the US its zip and zest.

Nowadays, however it seems few immigrants are inclined to assimilate.

They bring their native cultures with them, virtually intact, and cling to them, refusing even to learn to speak English and getting angry when the social institutions of their adopted land fail to address them in their indigenous tongues.

Which keeps them out of the work force and in a state of perpetual victimization; a selfish, self-pitying, self-perpetuating state, insidiously exploited by leftists for their own political ends.

Thus, instead of a strong, nutritious broth, pungent with the aromatic spices of labor and success, America has become a plop of separate little lumps of undigested stuff.

Kind of like vomit.

Goodbye, melting pot, hello chamber pot."

Has it ever been stated more lucidly or eloquently?

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  1. The chamber pot analogy says it best. More third world people are appearing on the streets of Chicago than ever before, particularly Muslims. Years ago I had a job working with elderly immigrants. Most taxpayers are not aware that immigrants 60 and over,regardless of how wealthy they are in their own country are entitled to SSI checks .They receive a monthly income for never working a day in their lives in America.They receive free medical, subsidized housing, and free food thanks to hard working taxpayers. I was shocked to learn that Chinatown in Chicago is filled with elderly Chinese immigrants that never worked here, but receive our benefits. The immigrants from India were the most demanding, obsequious immigrants. They felt entitled to every free program. The Pakistanis and Koreans would jet set back and forth to their countries during winter months, but still received their SSI checks.The Russian elderly at least expressed some appreciation for living here free. The SSI program for elderly immigrants cost taxpayers billions.These immigrants have no desire to assimilate.Imagine being able to retire in a country you never contributed anything to.


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