Thursday, August 27, 2015

Edgebrook Train Station Gets Hi-Class Ghetto Art - No Whites Portrayed

\Train station underpass walkways in Chicago usually conjure up images of broken wine bottles, filthy abandoned bedrolls, gang graffiti and the fluttering of pigeons amidst the omnipresent stench of urine.
Leftists view of life in Edgebrook:
You could stand on a corner and
never see a black girl cycling there in 5 years

Not so in chi-chi Edgebrook.

This Saturday some local do-gooders and artsy types will be celebrating the official inauguration of their new exquisite mosaic railway underpass mural.

Aside from being bright, cheery and expensive, it is also wonderfully didactic with the current neo-Marxist passion for propagandizing racial diversity and multiculturalism.

You see, in 88% white Edgebrook, the folks at some outfits called the Neighborhood Connection Project and the Green Star Movement decided to portray only non-whites on the mural.

So we are treated to a mosaic portrayal of a little black girl gaily bicycling, and a black man vending balloons and several Asian women standing around and another black man pulling on some kind of ribbon. It all looks like great community fun. And there isn't a single white person portrayed.
Rahm Emanuel's cops would arrest a
black balloon vendor in Edgebrook in 10 minutes

This is kind of funny, given the fact that the Sauganash/Edgebrook neighborhood, aside from having among the highest levels of income and lowest levels of crime in the entire city, also has a mere 1% black population, 8% Asian and 3% other.

On a weekend afternoon, the Edgebrook neighborhood truly looks like a time warp from the era of "Leave it to Beaver."

You'll see white kids playing street hockey or softball on the blacktop at St. Mary of the Woods, a virtually all white school. You'll see them riding their bikes, wearing shoulder pads, on their way to football practice. You'll see girls cycling home from soccer practice or meandering thru the snow on their way home from figure skating.

And amidst the sedate, tree-lined streets you'll see homes, some of them in the million dollar range, worthy of Winnetka or Glencoe.

But you see, Edgebrook is the de-facto, gated white community for the city's Democrat white collar patronage job holding elite.
Asians in Edgebrook are 8%, Blacks are 1%
Minorities on new mural are 100%

These are people drawing the big salaries at the top levels of the city police, fire and public works bureaucracies.

Or they're the attorneys at the big La Salle St. law firms that handle Chicago's legal business and investments. It's said that a full 20% of all Chicago cops live here or in the adjoining elite Sauganash and Forest Glen neighborhoods.

Edgebrook became a white collar patronage ghetto due to a city law requiring its employees to live within the city limits.

So since they couldn't move to Winnetka, they moved a version of Winnetka to the banks of the North branch of the Chicago River.
Wonderful multicultural affection in
88% white Democrat Eddgebrook

All legally and lawfully within the confines of the city.

But without the inconvenience of having to actually face the splendid realities of "diverse", "multicultural" "sanctuary city" Chicago.

So since the Edgebrook Democrat elite can't experience the joys of living among the Great Unwashed, they at least can look at cute mosaic images of them on their way to board the Metra train, on their way downtown to conjure up new schemes for subjecting the rest of us to their multicultural utopian dreams.


  1. Nice column. Reminds of something kevin Williamson would write

    1. The Hollywood screenwriter or the NR columnist? Either way, thanks for the compliment.

  2. There are quite a few Yuppie types here in Mayberry, (Edgebrook) who use diversity, (or the threat of) as a social weapon. In the Whitest area of the city they wield the axe of race in their many social actions. This is the last place I thought I would find race baiters, but they were sucked into the vacuum. They are well organized and wield the white guilt card every chance they get, all the while enjoying life in the safest remaining neighborhood in Chicago.

    1. If they actually live there, it's a good bet you won't see them calling for more "affordable housing" and Section 8 denizens in their own backyards.

      They'd be more likely to cross the street into Lincolnwood and assuage their consciences by advocating it there.

    2. That's not how it works. They work from within. They are bitter people who resent what they have and always threaten to destroy it, like a bi-polar person who will hold a whole party hostage with their behavior if they don't get the attention they demand. They rub your nose in your choice of neighborhood, citing your racist reason, while they live on your street claiming it's because of the "good schools." They are mostly women, but the majority of them are enabled by their supportive hyphenated husbands, if they are still married.

    3. That's a really brilliant way of putting it. I had been thinking of the people like the gun-control nuts from Evanston and Skokie who have been running into Niles trying to get their city council to disapprove a firing range -- miles from where they live.

    4. They take their power where they find it. It's not really about race, it's about little people finding a way to control the people around them. Gun control nuts included. I get a kick out of the white "hand up don't shoot" nitwits. The police are the only thing standing between them and a Mad Max like existence where they wear the ball gag, dog collar and assless chaps.

  3. The NR writer, one of my favorites

  4. Nothing like truth in advertising! lol ;)


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