Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Stealth Muslim Candidate Mohammed "Mo Khan"

A young left wing political hack is running for State Representative in suburban Chicago's 20th district and his real name is Mohammed Khan, but he'd rather voters not know that, so he's appearing on the ballot as "Mo Khan."
Stealth Muslim, Mohammed "Mo" Khan
and his ultra left wing mentor, Jan Schakowsky

You know, Mo, just like the stooge, but without an E at the end.

Fiddling with your name to hide your ethnicity or religion is nothing new in Chicago politics.

The Chicago Lampoon last election season, chronicled the Philipina who was running for judge with an Irish name, the North Shore Jews who disguised their ethnicity with WASPy names and a WASPy named guy who adopted his dearly departed mother's Polish surname to get Polish votes on the Northwest side.

But this is the first example we've run across of a candidate trying to disguise his Mohammedan background.

We don't blame Mo Khan for trying to hide the fact that he is an adherent of the Koranic religion of peace.

Moslems have begun beheading Americans and Australians on their own soil as happened recently in Kansas and Sydney.

Moslem men were recently found to have targeted 1,400 young white British girls for rape and mass sexual abuse in Northern England.

American and European Moslem kids have begun flocking to the Middle East to join ISIS/ISIL in the fun.

That is if you consider beheading infidel Kurds and crucifying Syrian Christians your idea of a wild time.

Young Mohammedan, Mo Khan doesn't want to be associated with this in the minds of the voters of Park Ridge, Niles and the Northwest side, and who can blame him?

But we haven't heard Mo Khan apologizing to his fellow Americans for it either. We haven't heard him standing up as a voice for "moderate Islam," either.

But he can't do that. Because then voters would know that Mo Khan is really Moslem boy, Mohammed Khan, and he's quite set on hiding that fact from them.

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