Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chicago's Filthy Weather Pt.2 - Our March 12th Snow Day

March 12, 2014 and Chicago's weather is as filthy as it's ever been.

Wonderful snowstorm this morning. 

As of 5 pm, the temperature was 22F with winds howling from the north at 18 mph so it actually feels like a Siberian 8F.

This is 5 days before St. Patrick's day, mind you.

But hey, Chicago's rotten weather notwithstanding, you've got to get out and about. So today, we crawled out of the cabin to enjoy Chicago's vaunted parks. 

We  took some photos for you.

Hey, Chicago plowed the snow off of its bike paths, so you can always go out and take a nice little ride:

Tennis anyone?

Or maybe a little dip in the pool:

And hey, isn't the Chicago Park District's catchy new slogan for kids, "Come on out and play"?

But fear not, WGN's highly annoying weatherman, Tom Skilling, assures us that Chicago's temps may actually inch above freezing tomorrow, March 13th, and the gale-force northerly winds will probably stay below 20 mph.

On the bright side, we are happy that we get to wear our real nice, expensive, hand crafted, Irish cable-knit sweater again.

Hell, we may be wearing it in May!

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