Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Chicago Gays Join Jews and "Nigras" on Democrat Party Plantation

It was actually kind of funny this past weekend to see the boys and girls of the lavender persuasion crying in their beer up and down Halsted Street.

Gays were crying in their beer
on Halsted St. this past weekend

They were morose because, despite their years of slavish devotion to Democrat party pols, those very pols told them to P--Off on the matter of their beloved same-sex marriage.

House Speaker Mike Madigan (Democrat-Chicago) adjourned the State House without even bringing to a vote the same-sex marriage bill.

Well, welcome to the plantation, fellas!

You see, when you are so solidly in one party's pocket - when your bloc vote is so dependably, incontrovertibly and predictably Democrat, the leaders of that party really don't have to give you the time of day.

After you've been demonizing Republicans and conservatives for years in the Windy City Times and elsewhere, just where the hell can you plausibly threaten to go?

Just ask your fellow plantation dwellers the Jews and blacks.
LBJ signing Great Society legislation

Last week the Obama administration cavalierly publicized would-be secret Israeli plans for an anti-missile defense system. American Jews were livid, but who cares?

Jews voted for Barack Hussein Obama's re-election by a landslide margin of 60% so he can tell them to P--off whenever he likes. He and his fellow Dems know that Jews will never leave the Democrat party reservation, so screw them.

Liberal Democrat President, Lyndon Baines Johnson signed the "Great Society" legislation in 1966 -- which gave us Food Stamps, AFDC, and those wonderful public housing projects.

And just prior to the signing, he told fellow Democrat leaders (according to his Texas colleague, Governor John Connally - in his autobiography) "With this bill I'm going to have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 100 years."

Prior to then, American blacks actually voted heavily Republican due to the fact that Southern Democrats opposed the Civil Rights Act and out of respect for the fact that the 1st Republican President ever, Abraham Lincoln, freed the slaves.

And of course LBJ was right. His welfare giveaways to blacks bought them off. Last election black voters voted for Obama by almost 95%, so Republicans really don't have to bother courting them -- nor do Democrats. Democrats know that LBJ's "niggers" aren't going to stray from the plantation.

I recall seeing a flyer lying on the sidewalk during the Chicago elections of 2006. It was put out by a gay political action committee and it urged fellow homosexuals to vote against Republican Tony Peraica for Cook County Board President because he was purportedly against gay marriage -- as if the Cook County Board has anything to do with that.

That helped bring us the enlightened leadership of the great Todd Stroger. He raised county sales taxes to the highest of any jurisdiction in the entire USA and ran Cook County into a fiscal quagmire.

Thanks, gay buddies!

Now you've got all those wonderful Democrat liberal pols you've lusted after  all these years and they're telling you to go P--off.

And why shouldn't they? Where the hell can you threaten to go? Face it, boys. Along with the Jews and LBJ's "Nigras" you're stuck on the Democrat plantation.

And the gate is locked.

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