Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Batavia USD 101 Educrats Piss On US Constitution: Teachers Salaries Listed

The Orwellian zeitgeist of the Bush/Obama era seems to have firmly taken hold in suburban Batavia's United School District 101.

Bloviating Bureaucrat Barshinger

No sooner was the ink dry on reports that Obama's NSA has been gathering reams of personal info on millions of Americans, than word comes that Batavia's educrats are asking innocent kids to possibly self-incriminate on an intrusive personal questionnaire.

And when a principled teacher, one John Dryden, dared to characterize this as the patently unconstitutional and anti-American act that it was, he was outrageously disciplined.

The culprit here is one Dr. Jack Barshinger - a very well-fed,  fascist fellow-traveller, who has spent the past 37 years warming various educatic desk chairs in pursuit of his current $286,900 annual salary. (The little butterball will retire at the end of this month and pull down about 80% of that figure every year for the rest of his life in pension.)

He is the Superintendent of USD 101 who threw the book at Batavia High School social studies teacher, John Dryden for daring to suggest that his kids have protected constitutional rights as US citizens.

 Nitwit and Batavia School Bd.
President Cathy Dremel

Barshinger was backed up by the USD School Board, which is headed by the quite deservedly intellectually modest, Cathy Dremel.

When first running for the school Board in 2011, Dremel, who studied bean counting in college, but apparently very little else, told a local newspaper: "My greatest strength is that I don’t think I already know everything."

Truer words were never spoken.

In a nutshell, here's the source of the contretemps:

-- In April, social studies teacher, Dryden, taught his Batavia High School students about the U.S. Bill of Rights.

-- Shortly thereafter Dryden was told to pass out to his kids, a questionnaire which asked them to disclose their personal uses of alcohol or illicit drugs. The names of each student were printed on their individual forms.

-- Dryden was asked by a kid, how this gibed with the 5th amendment, which protects U.S. citizens from having to disclose possibly incriminating information to government authorities, such as USD 101.

-- Quite honestly, Dryden told them it didn't, and advised them to decline to disclose possibly damning information about themselves.
Teacher John Dryden
Enter the bloviating bureaucrat, Barshinger.

He wrote an open  letter to the community saying that the survey was not intrusive, but a well intentioned effort to pinpoint troubled students.

He wrote that it was merely "a data-gathering instrument that could be used to determine what social or emotional issues our high school students are experiencing, and whether individual students could benefit from new or increased supportive intervention by our staff."

In other words, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you."

Then Barshinger suspended Dryden without pay and imposed a draconian set of conditions upon him, including a ridiculous requirement that he be subjected to verbal self-criticism techniques, reminiscent of those pioneered by Red Chinese dictator Mao-Tse-Tung's Red Guards.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the civil libertarian teacher must:  "when given a directive in a meeting, he must now repeat the directive back at the end of the meeting and agree to comply."
Batavia's educrats seek to turn out
a generation of compliant sheep

The fat little overpaid martinet, Barshinger, also is demanding that Dryden refrain from making statements or taking any actions that may tend to dissuade students from participating in school district initiatives. Also he can't use sarcasm or comment on his employment status.

On the 28th of May, Cathy Dremel and the other nincompoops on the Batavia School District 101 Board, voted to endorse these measures.

Now let's get this straight. Taxpayer subsidized educational institutions are supposed to be in the business of forging independent minded, critically thinking young American citizens who will be ready to take their place as vital members of a free society.

The whole rotten educational establishment of Batavia USD 101 seems to be in the business of turning out compliant sheep. And of pissing on the Constitution of the United States.

And of persecuting guys like Dryden who think otherwise.

Here are the latest available names and salaries of the employees of Batavia USD 101 as obtained by the Family Taxpayers Foundation via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. You can find out more about the individual employee, such as years of employment and employee title, by simply clicking on the name:

Batavia USD 101 2011 -

Abraham, Laura$81,701
Acosta, Sandra$64,880
Adkins, Mary$100,265
Adolph, Justin$70,291
Albrecht, Vicki$54,594
Allison, Justin$45,792
Amesquita, Victoria$79,564
Anas, Kelli$63,642
Anderson, Crystal$78,737
Anderson, Kim$88,995
Anderson, Mark$107,451
Andriano, Deanna$112,126
Applehoff, Diane$110,087
Arch, Susan$109,051
Arrigo, Nancy
Ashby, Tamra$67,895
Autenrieth, Carol$81,285
Avery, Emanuela$66,150
Ayers, Looi$111,972
Bach, Michelle$58,764
Barnes, Annemarie$76,226
Baron, Jennifer$61,033
Barrett, Sarah$77,958
Barshinger, Jack$286,900
Bauman, Gregory$43,727
Bayer, Scott$76,223
Beardsley-Snell, Christine$64,706
Beckler, Jerad$42,967
Bell, Tammy$63,068
Bennett, Kelly$82,091
Biage, Marcy$112,720
Biancheri, Amy$74,708
Bird, Jodi$85,678
Blough, Carissa$73,421
Blozis, Cathy$100,929
Bokios, Kelly$41,444
Bollow, Aaron$48,219
Bosco, Joseph$84,170
Boss, Jane$75,405
Brady, Barbara$115,509
Brancato, Theresa$68,522
Breen, Ranea$60,671
Breon, Heather$71,730
Briggs, Linda$111,972
Brooks, Jessica$56,932
Brown, Maura$54,021
Bryant, Michael$51,007
Buckley, Barbara$76,829
Buckley, Robert$90,827
Burk, Sarah$67,821
Burnham, Ann$100,193
Butler, Sarah$27,858
Bysterbusch, Leslie$88,387
Cain, Rebecca$20,740
Calleja, Kristin$84,084
Canfield, John$114,829
Carbonell, Lori$61,722
Carey, Kathleen$76,997
Carlson, Daven$95,972
Carver, Erin$42,665
Casbarian, Joseph$63,379
Casbarian, Lisa$55,194
Casburn, Joshua$59,053
Chavez, Daniel$65,701
Christiansen, Renee$70,535
Christianson, Nicol$58,397
Christoffel, Marisa$59,867
Ciway, Pamela$90,109
Clarey, Chad$64,513
Clasen, Debra$26,761
Close, Jill$100,441
Cocallas, Kimberly$55,594
Coleman, Tricia$36,571
Collier, Shirley$110,317
Collins, Benjamin$71,424
Conant, Jennifer$40,440
Connell, Morgan$80,144
Conner, Martha$80,496
Consiglio, Gina$46,222
Cook, Kelly$75,737
Coon, Holly$84,474
Corkery, Jean$86,255
Corry, Mary$44,156
Costello, Amy$50,882
Costello, Karen$99,279
Cranston, Joseph$96,565
Crawley, David$74,034
Cronin, Stephen$64,453
Curnock, Larke$57,529
Dalton, Celeste$86,861
Dauber, Kristina$63,474
DeBruycker, Timothy$78,170
Delzenero, Veronica$99,922
Demos, Tom$53,477
Dennis, Timothy$73,710
Detrick, Donna$89,257
Di Domenico, Michael$116,076
Doenges, Diane$112,931
Donat, Barbara$91,840
Donat, Elizabeth$83,271
Dopke, Carol$81,693
Drendel, Brian$91,827
Drendel, Carol$91,051
Dryden, John$83,286
Duco, Jessica$39,703
Dugan, Elaine$91,049
Durall, Dwight$72,841
Edwards, Allison$46,437
Elftmann, Amy$14,642
Elliott, Joyce$66,131
Ellis, Jessica$10,975
Elmi, Cristin$39,679
Erickson, Jennifer$59,646
Ewing, Jill$72,429
Fabian, Michelle$64,617
Farley, Christine$49,824
Faulhaber, Elizabeth$78,488
Fayhee, Jeanne$75,192
Feldt, Laura$80,437
Felter, Macy$93,645
Fink, Catherine$44,204
Fink, Greg$82,451
Foote, Laura$101,709
Foster, Melissa$72,922
Franz, Joseph$97,825
Freedlund, Lynn$51,169
Frejlich, Gayle$53,074
Fritsch, Letha$82,845
Fuchs, Neal$61,285
Fuqua, Angela$38,203
Gabris, Katie$74,872
Gajos, Shelby$73,983
Galardini, Lauren$78,828
Gamlin, Brian$92,779
Gamlin, Rhonda$51,984
Garrett, Catherine$91,249
Gaspari, Michael$137,866
Gianfrancesco, Mark$79,076
Giesen, Kristy$76,898
Gile, Melody$41,921
Girmscheid, Lew$107,288
Glass, Jody$84,347
Green, Kathleen$96,805
Green, Kristin$60,619
Guzman- Muelling, Jacqueline$34,524
Hankes, Benjamin$24,666
Hanrahan, Donna$76,119
Hansen, Jacqueline$78,415
Hanson, Peggy$51,977
Harris, Amy$82,608
Hatfield, Lisa$45,563
Heath, John$118,426
Heim, Marnie$80,674
Heimsath, Peter$123,553
Hemmes, Shannon$63,902
Henrikson, Amy$85,262
Hett, Kirsten$57,495
Hichens, Lisa$158,765
Hickman, Theodore$115,432
Hillman, Chad$80,209
Hillman, Kathleen$69,172
Hillquist, Lisa$96,910
Hix, Jennifer$95,963
Hodge, Brian$39,910
Hodge, Emily$58,577
Hoffman, Cecelia$62,561
Hoffman, Megan$55,534
Holm, David$101,502
Holm, Matthew$95,474
Hopkins, John$78,902
Hubbard, Kathryn$99,082
Hubbard, Nancy$105,504
Hubble, Monika$102,406
Huizenga, Verene$127,536
Humphrey, Margaret$65,592
Hunter, Scott$76,397
Inglese, Anton$143,562
Ivan, Micheline$87,903
Jakubowski, Maureen$114,082
Janca, Erin$88,606
Jenkins, Kalah$100,192
Jenness, Debra$109,296
Jensen, Kevin$65,256
Jensen, Mary$62,819
Johnson, Julane$74,079
Jonathan, Erik$61,905
Jones, David$99,979
Jones, Susan$64,268
Jugenitz, William$116,654
Justiniano, Virginia$66,034
Kaczkowski, Melissa$111,918
Kanaris, Eugenia$83,174
Karnick, Kelley$77,439
Katko, Candace$110,444
Kazda, Regina$69,735
Keller, Catherine$103,891
Kellerhals, Jill$97,842
Kelm, Jolie$47,643
Kelzer, Megan$53,532
Kessler, Carol$94,239
Kettering, William$112,388
Kilburg, Stacey$54,161
Kispert, Diane$68,090
Kitzmiller, Nicole$63,954
Klink, Christine$84,182
Knight, Dianne$74,606
Kohlhagen, Erin$40,419
Kolowski, Adam$60,500
Koos, Paige$144,029
Koutselas, Denise$2,222
Krantz, Sandra$105,912
Krodel, Naomi$21,875
Ksepka, Brittney$43,274
Kuhn, Marci$40,407
Kummer, Robert$115,296
LaClair, Mary$82,880
Lambillotte, Charles$77,609
Larson, Scott$84,081
Lau, James$58,212
LaVoy, Dianne$89,866
Leo, Caitlin$71,164
Lesniak, Steven$82,687
Lincoln, Margaret$73,710
Lo, Melissa$51,649
Louden, Crystal$19,027
Lucas, Elizabeth$104,721
Lucas, Marisa$82,959
Lundgren, Sandra$83,454
Lydick, Tammi$29,949
Maakestad, Lisa$88,455
Maciejewski, Stephen$129,883
Mackey, Jennifer$83,091
Madden, Margaret$82,091
Maercker, Jill$90,460
Magic, Gail$96,865
Majersky, Tonya$73,722
Malay, Anthony$89,782
Malesky, Margaret$111,750
Mallie, Delaine$61,368
Malone, Kristen$89,003
Mamach, Barbara$58,142
Mandele, Michael$88,450
Mann, Karen$79,645
Masitti, Jamie$61,602
Matter, Korin$66,525
Matthews, Amy$57,573
Mazzone, Nicholas$0
Mc Alpin, Elizabeth$91,833
McBeath, Marcia$65,846
McCague, Jessica$58,636
McCann, Ryan$45,976
McCarthy, Nancy$61,663
McClure, Madelena$60,174
McConville, Kimberly$89,652
McDaniel, Andrew$62,856
McKnight, Jenna$54,552
McLain, Catherine$118,323
Meeks, Bronco$44,323
Melendez, Jennifer$41,393
Meyer, Sara$64,664
Meyers, Elizabeth$55,359
Mieland, Cynthia$45,229
Miller, Aimee$49,679
Miller, Christina$108,999
Miller, Deborah$91,789
Miller, Howard$69,500
Miller, Jeffrey$90,856
Mills, Kathryn$99,082
Minella, Gail$111,844
Modene, Elaine$83,588
Monn, Kristopher$160,297
Montgomery, Mark$65,548
Moore, Timothy$144,241
Morgenstern, Ellen$104,303
Morris, Bennett$70,581
Murphy, Elizabeth$67,945
Murphy, Julia$83,202
Muye, Holly$61,368
Myers, Matthew$69,667
Nalley, Stacy$59,574
Neece, Julie$65,503
Nellis, Karen$83,798
Nelson, Bradley$88,343
Nelson, Deborah$79,658
Nelson, Lori$78,098
Newkirk, Bradley$114,602
Newman, Megan$63,692
Nickolaou, Haley$51,402
Nielsen, Debra$81,371
Norfleet, Melinda$41,037
O'Brien, Liane$86,076
O'Connor, Ronald$0
O'Donnell, Sandra$83,286
O'Herron, Dianna$63,664
O'Reilly, Thomas$93,408
Obrien, Kristen$41,443
Ocken, Ann$52,614
Ollearis, Margaret$71,557
Oswald, Kimberly$73,751
Owens, Christina$57,134
Ozsvath, Keith$91,468
Palese, Lisa$84,543
Palombella, Susan$77,482
Papale, Laura$84,675
Pappanduros, Nicole$55,644
Pappas, Anne$54,001
Parisi, Laura$58,068
Park, Charles$53,291
Parker, Carolyn$57,586
Parks, Brigitte$37,858
Pasquinelli, Janice$97,105
Paterala, Andrea$120,331
Payton, Christopher$51,403
Pearlman, Kimberly$69,339
Peck, Glenda$109,869
Pecoraro, Megan$58,195
Pedraza, Leon$58,222
Perry, Colleen$59,957
Pettee, Rachel$64,897
Phillips, Julie$89,686
Phillips, Nanette$113,301
Pierce, Jeannine$94,113
Piron, Dennis$95,082
Pizarro, Denise$79,417
Platt, Gayl$121,496
Pleckham, Neal$102,488
Powell, Amy$104,025
Powell, Erin$71,906
Prestemon, Linda$49,015
Preziosio, Julie$42,116
Prusko, Mary Jo$77,436
Puttin, Colleen$80,789
Raitt, Heidi$56,961
Ralston, Christine$104,613
Raucci, Teri$53,001
Recchia, Craig$56,827
Regas, Kendra$75,959
Renz, Daniel$57,137
Renz, Katherine$52,394
Rexilius, Laura$63,682
Riccelli, Christina$34,253
Richter, Judy$61,768
Rickert, James$50,508
Riley, Valerie$69,319
Ringe, Laurie$61,675
Rios, Adrian$81,956
Rios, Lisa$74,267
Rivera, Jessica$41,111
Roberts, James$107,473
Robinson, Jill$59,177
Rockafellow, Ashley$42,748
Rodriguez, Leeann$81,145
Rollerson, Alton$72,020
Romaneck, Greg$161,033
Rousseau, Karen$69,932
Rowe, David$112,035
Rowe, Jamie$39,567
Royal, Nicole$52,858
Russo, Daniel$104,658
Ryndak, Taylor$54,775
Ryterske, Kathryn$71,954
Salinas, Carolina$79,077
Salisbury, Phillip$99,112
Sanna, Colleen$68,904
Sattler, Corrie$43,872
Scarpino, Nichole$68,165
Schaeffer, Julia$99,871
Scheffert, Kristine$95,419
Schindlbeck, Andrea$68,664
Schmitz, James$103,684
Schulz, Jill$99,716
Schulze, Brian$69,138
Schumacher, Jamie$81,365
Schuster, Cara$25,047
Seaman, Kimberly$59,710
Selby, Michaeleen$113,453
Selix-Petrie, Lindsey$73,390
Semonchik, Roxanne$92,504
Sengenberger, Julie$77,083
Sikorski, Cynthia$138,248
Sindelar, Caren$84,169
Sindewald, William$77,808
Sitarz, Virginia$78,707
Skar, Karen$99,082
Skillman, Marybeth$80,556
Skomer, Kevin$126,547
Slana, Audrey$100,265
Smith, Carolyn$82,110
Smith, Jennifer$63,053
Smith, Joanne$84,711
Smith, Kathleen$57,300
Smith, Miriam$113,275
Sokolinski, Susan$82,485
Spence, Barbara$89,260
Spencer, Pamela$104,735
St. Onge, Stacey$84,129
Stanczak, Matthew$58,191
Stary, Aprilyn$70,237
Starzec, Laura$69,564
Stern, Kellie$32,414
Stewart, Ellen$69,558
Stierwalt, Marsha$88,347
Stoneberg, Jody$56,241
Stoneberg, Lisa$42,182
Stotko, Audrey$87,195
Strasser, Julie$97,805
Sullivan, Karen$83,253
Sutherland, Angela$88,956
Swanson, Todd$89,063
Sweeney-Schmidt, Arlene$100,980
Swider, Lynn$87,608
Szostek, Randall$108,047
Tanka, Kirk$76,122
Taylor, Elizabeth$48,426
Telfer, Robert$96,686
Terpstra, Ramona$12,214
Thomas, Jeffrey$71,010
Thul, Julie$24,563
Torgerson, Jennifer$63,827
Triner, Janet$99,442
Trippi-Payne, Lori$95,657
Tupper, Mary Jane$96,808
Tyson, Rebecca$4,731
Tyszkiewicz, Andrea$71,450
Van Duyne, Susan$56,895
Vander Heyden, Samantha$49,156
VanderLoon, Kristy$47,406
VanMersbergen, Jamie$76,339
Velez, Elise$37,734
Vernagallo, Amy$57,807
Virgilio, Christina$48,240
Von Hoff, Louise$103,919
Von Oehsen, Deborah$57,980
Walls, Lisa$43,941
Walters, Brenda$94,445
Webb, Joan$56,978
Webb, Julie$76,522
Webster, Kristine$104,613
Weidner, Mary$82,091
Weigand, Andrew$14,429
Whitwell, Derrick$105,953
Wielunski, Susan$114,565
Wiltshire, Jennifer$40,248
Woodard, Kelly$64,260
Woodruff, Nichole$69,626
Woods, Andrea$62,869
Wright, Janyce$149,385
Wyatt, Geralyn$65,142
Wyeth, Jacob$42,169
Wyller, Cheryl$78,163
Young, Steven$113,570
Zalkus, Dawn$57,553
Zielke, Kimberly$90,267
Zies, Sara$104,194
Zimmer, Walter$94,668
Zimmerman, Dwayne$58,981

That concludes the latest available names and salaries of all the teachers and administrators of Batavia USD 101.The Batavia School District, in addition to Batavia High School, includes Alice Gustafson School, Grace McWayne School, H.C. Storm, Hoover-Wood School, J.B. Nelson, Louise White and the Rotolo Middle School.


  1. Most salaries are not as bad as I would have expected. But that list of employees is not nearly long enough to justify a $300k per year salary for the boss. Since when did the next step up the ladder equal a more than 150% increase in pay? These people are going to get a rude awakening when this country or state does finally fall. († praying †).

  2. I have now found out that Dryden is actually and aging hippy, 60s retread socialist goofball.

    But he is right on this one issue.

    Even a broken clock gives you the right time twice daily.

    I just hope that the liberal socialist Obamaite can somehow get it threw their fevered brows and thick heads, that some of us are committed to American civil liberties irregardless of the ideological complexion of the victim.

    Hope they'll do the same for us someday -- but lefties are such pea brains that that may be hoping angainst hope.

  3. Not shocked. Many schools are also using kids as informants on what goes on in the family. After Sandy Hook many schools started asking kids to report on whether their partents own firearms.


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