Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chicago Illegal Alien Lobby Now Endorsing Candidates

It was really only a matter of time. First the illegal alien apologists at the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) told us that the illegals were just here to do jobs that Americans won't do.
Illegal Alien Puppetmaster
Josh Hoyt

Then they made it all about the children. You don't want to heartlessly send their poor kiddies home, do you?

Then they got a bit bolder. You wouldn't want to heartlessly deprive the poor kiddies of a taxpayer supported college education, would you?

But finally we've gotten down to the real goal of the leftist illegal alien lobby -- to influence our elections. More precisely, to permanently secure power for liberal left Democrats with the aid of a welfare dependent 3rd world lumpen proletariat voting bloc.

And to further this end, the Grand High Priest of Chicago's tax-exempt illegal alien lobby, Joshua Hoyt, is now openly endorsing candidates.

Just before the March 20th Illinois primary, voters in Lincoln Park, Wicker Park and Bucktown were sent a campaign piece touting the virtues of State Senate candidate, Patricia van Pelt-Watkins.

You may remember her as the fringe candidate in last years' mayoral election who became famous for being called a "crack-head" by Carol Mosely Braun during the mayoral debates.
Hoyt Endorsed van Pelt Watkins (R) who was
called a "crackhead" by Carol Mosely Braun (L)

On Miss van Pelt Watkins' campaign brochure were listed a number of endorsements -- Dawn Clark Netsch, The Brady Anti-gun PAC, the IVI-IPO -- the usual liberal suspects. But then at the end of the list of endorsers was a lone cryptic name, sans affiliation -- "Josh Hoyt."

Lily white, WASP, Hoyt, the longtime director of the illegals' lobby group thought it would look better if an actual Latino immigrant were nominally in charge so he nominally stepped aside and now pulls the strings of his immigrant puppets using the title of ICIRR Chief Strategy Executive.

Unable to directly bring his non-profit 501(c)3 ICIRR illegal alien lobby legally into the fray, Hoyt has taken to the simple expedient of marking the pro-illegal alien candidate with his own personal endorsement.

It is clearly on the margins of the law, but what has this advocate of illegal alien lawbreakers ever done that was clearly within the confines of the law?

The Catholic Church used to signify approved books with something called an imprimatur.

High Priest of the illegal alien lobby, Josh Hoyt, now pronounces on approved pro-illegal candidates with his personal blessing.

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