Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Austria In Economic Free Fall, Embraces US Ghetto Culture

This past January, Standard and Poor's downgraded the Central European nation of Austria's credit rating for the first time ever.

Little Austria is quickly beginning to resemble Greece and Portugal, the economic basket cases of Europe. In fact it is well on its way to having all the economic decrepitude of our own Detroit, the economic basket case of the US, where unsalable houses and factories are being torn down to make way for farm land.

Austria's National Singing Champions:
The aptly named Trackshittaz

So now that Austria is economically beginning to resemble bankrupt, decaying Detroit, it is only natural that it should wholeheartedly embrace the aesthetically bankrupt, decadent hip-hop, urban ghetto culture.

It is doing that by sending a ridiculous hip-hop group, appropriately named Trackshittaz, to represent it in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, performing an elegant little number called, Woki mit deim Popo (Shake Your Ass.)

More on that in a minute.

Austria is going broke because it is under the leadership of the socialist SPO party, a gaggle of leftists who belong to the Socialist International and the Party of European Socialists.

In fact, all but two of the Presidents of Austria since 1945 have been either a member of that party or nominated by these, Austria's own Bolshevisti-lite.

Like the elephant-eared Obama and our other home-grown lefties, the Austrian SPO has steadily pushed Alice in Wonderland government giveaways with little concern as to how they're ever going to be actually paid for.

Days before the 2008 Austrian elections, the SPO pushed a big social spending package, abolishing all college tuition and fees, promulgating a costly nursing care giveaway and a basket of other cash goodies for families.

Mothers in Austria now get 4 months paid maternity leave and 3 years of cash handouts. That should come as a real boon to all those Moslem immigrant mothers in Austria who seem to be the only ones having children there these days.
Perhaps Austria is giving us a glimpse
of life during the German Weimar Republic

Well now Austria's chickens are coming home to roost. This past January, Standard and Poor's downgraded Austria's credit rating for the first time ever. With that, they joined Greece, Portugal, Ireland and other European counties which seem dead set and determined to spend their way into 3rd world status.

Which brings us to the news that the birthplace of Mozart and resting place of Beethoven has now embraced 3rd world American ghetto music.

Only natural I guess.

In a nationwide competition, managed by the state-owned ORF radio, an almost absurdly humorous band of Austrian hip-hop wannabees, calling themselves Trackshittaz, won the right to represent the country in the annual pan-continental Eurovision Song Contest (ESC.)

The annual event is being held right now in that renowned tourist mecca, Baku, Azerbaijan.

This is a big deal in Europe with, they claim, more than a billion TV sets tuned in to see the best musical act each nation has to offer.

ABBA and Celine Dion first came to public attention via this event.

And Trackshittaz, an essentially, albeit unintentionally, comic attempt to mimic low-life American black culture, is the best Austria could come up with.

Take a look at the video. Honestly, it looks like a Saturday Night Live parody of Hans and Franz doing a hip-hop routine.

So Austria is mirroring its economic decline with patent evidence of its cultural decline.

I think Austria is just giving us a little glimpse of what pop culture must have been like during the pre-Hitlerite, German Weimar Republic years.

Roll Over Beethoven!

Here is Trackshittaz, performing Austria's 2012 national entry in the Eurovision Song Competition, the elegantly entitled, Woki mit deim Popo (Shake your ass) - [the performance starts 49 sec. into the clip]:

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