Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trader Joe's War On Easter

We're all acquainted with the "war on Christmas" by retailers who expunge mention of the Christian holiday from their advertising, but now the chic grocery purveyor, Trader Joe's has launched a "war on Easter."

The national chain, with 355 stores in 28 states and $8 billion in annual sales, is currently running ads in the Chicago media market for a specialized mustard that would be, "perfect for your holiday ham."

When I first heard that, I wracked my brain to decipher to which "holiday" they might be referring. The only ones imminent are the Christian celebration of Easter and the Jewish Passover.

But since Jews are proscribed by their dietary laws from eating pork, it could only be the Christian Easter that the ever-politically correct Trader Joe's was afraid to overtly mention.

And on their website, the chain (which despite its trendy, down home pretense is related to Aldi's) won't sell you Easter candy, but rather "Sweet Springtime Surprises." They are Easter candies, but the Trader Joe's trendies dare not concede the relationship of these traditional confections to the Christian celebration.

"We don't call ourselves "Your Neighborhood Store" just because it sounds catchy. We are committed to being good neighbors," gushes Trader Joe's on its website.

It seems that Trader Joe's good neighbor policy extends to everyone, excepting of course, those millions of Americans who overtly celebrate Easter, a traditional Christian holiday.