Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chicago Schlager Saturday: Semino Rossi Sings The (Moody) Blues

Semino Rossi

In our recent forays into the wonderful, sometimes weird, world of Euro Schlager music, we have seldom found anything as --- well --- mystifying as the Semino Rossi phenomenon.

Rossi, an Argentinian born crooner of Italo-Austrian extraction seems to be all over the place in language and style. I'm not really sure he should be termed "schlager" in the conventional Central European sense. Maybe more something like "Euro-eclectic pop."

But the highly flexible Mr. Rossi is very big on the current European schlager circuit. He has maintained a steady output of hit CDs and completed his 3rd concert tour thru Central Europe last summer, drawing over 100k in a number of sold out appearances.

Amidst his seemingly encyclopedic repetoire, he does a German language version of "My Way," a Caruso like "O Sole Mio," and a Spanish language version of the Moody Blues', "Nights in White Satin."

Beginning in high school and lasting on to this day, I have developed a great love and respect for the legendary British rock group, the Moody Blues so I sincerely hope that Semino Rossi doesn't try his hand at, "A Question of Balance," "The Voice" or "Wildest Dreams."

Here is Semino Rossi singing "Nights in White Satin," in Spanish, followed by one of his German language tunes:

Here is Ja ich würd' es immer wieder tun I'd Do it All Over Again, shot in an Alpine setting:

I'm not sure if the Chicago Schlager Music Review will cover Rossi, since he seems to strain the bounds of traditional schlager music.