Monday, December 13, 2010

Aging Evanston Feminists Critical of Sexy Bar Proposal

A request to grant a liquor license to a proposed Hooters-styled restaurant has run into fierce opposition from several aging feminists on Evanston's City Council.

Last Friday, Evanston businessman, Ted Mavrakis, approached the Evanston Liquor Control Board asking for a license for a "Tilted Kilt" franchise restaurant and bar in the downtown Fountain Square building, which he owns.

The Tilted Kilt franchise features pub food and drinks in a Celtic pub setting. It hires waitresses, which it calls "cast members" and dresses them in regalia designed to display their Celtic assets to good result. (see photo above left)

This incurred the wrath of 7th Ward Evanston Alderman, Jane Grover who said: "From what I see on their website, I would probably not take my family there."

She said it appears the business exploits young women, and only hires women who fit a certain physical type for its waitstaff.

"My young sons couldn't get a job there, and I couldn't get a job there either, because I don't fit the profile," said the very realistic and sensibly-attired Ms. Grover. (photo right)

Grover's reservations were echoed by Mayor and Liquor Board Commissioner, Elizabeth Tisdahl. She lauded Mavrakis' complaint-free ownership of Evanston's Giordano's over the past 28 years, "but the Tilted Kilt is a different kind of restaurant than what Evanston has had," the sextagenarian feminist Mayor said.

And Liquor Board member, Patrick Hughes, in search of expert opinion said he had asked his 11-year-old daughter about the business and she said she felt it was inappropriate. "I'm going to have a hard time with it right now, from what I'm hearing of it," moral guardian Hughes said.

Mavrakis' Fountain Square property is one of an increasing number of downtown Evanston retail storefronts to have been vacant for more than a year.

The Liquor Board voted to postpone action on Mavrakis' application pending further study.

Mavrakis said he has received "active encouragement" from Morton Grove Mayor, Dan Staackman and can consider locating there as an option.

So in addition to being a "Sanctuary City" for illegal aliens and a "Nuclear Free Zone," the ever politically correct Evanston leftists may soon designate their North suburban enclave a "Tilted Kilt-free zone," or perhaps a "Fun-Free Zone."


  1. "only hires women who fit a certain physical type for its waitstaff."

    Well DUH! You wouldn't put shoes on your head, would you, Ms Grover? The restaurant is looking for a certain physical type and "girls with nice boobs" is it. That's not exploitation. Unless you consider it exploitation of shoes when you go shoe shopping and only buy the beige ones? What's wrong with the stilettos?

    Ack, I know the point I'm trying to make - is it getting across here? LOL Feminists drive me crazy.

  2. What is even more ridiculous is that hyper-liberal Evanston was just cited by the Chicago Tribune as being one of the most hopelessly broke municipalities in the state. It's Downtown has been losing businesses (and their tax revenue)wildly.

    Yet here these left-wing Evanston weirdos put ideology before sanity. This is not a strip club that Mavrakis is proposing, but a simple, upscale fern bar/restaurant, with good looking girls as waitresses.

    But that is too offensive to the catechism of the old Left-Wing Liberal Religion, so they will let their city further deteriorate.

    And to think that these clowns put one of their own into the White House. YIKES!!

  3. Not old, not a feminist, still think the bar is inappropriate. I'm a young guy, I love beer, sex, and chicken wings, but I grew up in Evanston and I know it's not right for the community. I'm fine with letting them move in to a space in Evanston, because that's everyone's right as an American, to start a business where they think it will work.

    But it won't get the $2 million in revenue the landlord says it will, because its Evanston, and I can't imagine people from Chicago will travel up to a bar when they have better ones of their own, and I can't imagine other suburbians coming to Evanston for something they can get themselves.

    Personally, I'm just worried that Evanston will do what we seem to do often, give "economic development" money to businesses already committed to moving to Evanston. We gave away the outdoor seating to Bravo Cucina Italiana, which isn't a special place to eat or anything, more boring Italian food, and we really don't need to give ANY money to bring in boring faux-Irish/Scottish food!

    And good luck getting enough Northwestern kids into that bar without their fake IDs.

  4. The mayor is voting on this tommorrow night-
    If you live in Evanston, please email her-

    Over 1,000 people have already signed an online anti-petition.. Bring on big brother government. Where does it end!!


    Get off our back Mrs. Mayor. Let it happen.


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