Monday, November 29, 2010

Wisconsin Badgers Are 1927 Yankees of the Big-10: UW 70 -- NU 23

Over the past decade or so, whenever Wisconsin would play Northwestern, I would make a point to dust off and don either my UW cap or WISCONSIN sweatshirt for the gameday.

This is not so odd. I was recently down in the chic Old Town section of Chicago and saw any number of post grads wearing Michigan State, Iowa or Illini regalia on game day. I saw one young family where mom, dad and the little kids were all wearing Iowa gear.

But over the past two meetings, for some inexplicable reason, pissant Northwestern got Wisconsin's number and upset them.

It would be more than a little embarassing sauntering thru Evanston with my UW gear on those days. I began to even think that the mere act of my donning that regalia was bringing the Badgers bad luck.

So this past Saturday, I hesitated in putting on the old Wisconsin cap, but finally relented.

My fears were unwarranted.

Wisconsin crushed the hapless Northwestern crew at Camp Randall by the whopping total of 70-23. The UW defensive juggernaut forced 7 -- count them, seven turnovers!

By the second half, the rout was so complete, that I found myself actually pitying the two green freshman quarterbacks that NU had thrust into this maelstrom.

Today the BCS rankings came out and Wisconsin is ranked #5 in the nation -- tops in the Big-10. So Big Red will almost certainly be going to the Rose Bowl.

Earlier this season, in disgust over their loss to Michigan State, I called them the Cubs of the Big-10 -- "loveable losers." I was wrong. I take all that back.

The University of Wisconsin Badgers have bcome the 1927 Yankees of the Big-10 --- "Murderers' Row."


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