Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lynn Sweet Reaches a New Low in Chicago Journalism

Lynn Sweet is the most shameless stooge for Obamaism that one can imagine. She writes for the soon-to-be-defunct Chicago Sun-Times. Ostensibly she is their Washington correspondent, but really has been little more than an unpaid PR flack for, first the Obama campaign, and now for what remains of the Obama administration.

By doing this, I suspect that she had visions of vaulting into prominence as the national journalistic Obama expert, much as Lou Cannon became prominent as the Reagan expert and Jeff Greenberg the Clinton expert.

But now, the petals have fallen off the Obama bloom. On the few national talking head shows that will still have her, she simply comes off like a shrill, annoying shrew.

She single-handedly managed to drag what remains of Chicago "journalism" down to a new low in a "commentary" she posted in the CST today.

In it she simply reprinted an entire news release issued by the leftist shill for the illegal alien amnesty movement, "Little Luis" Gutierez, Congressman from Chicago.

He was arguing that the discredited lame duck Congress should sneak through the "Dream Act," before the people's representatives would have a chance to reflect the popular will. This absurdly named measure would provide amnesty for all illegal aliens under age 35, who were in the US for at least 15 years.

From the absurdly named Sweet, no commentary -- no analysis -- just a reprint of a handout from an open-borders hack reprinted in its entirety.

A new low in Chicago journalism. See it here.

Most suspected the Chicago dinosaur media were shamelessly biased.

Now everyone can know definitively.

But I'm keeping a bottle of Moet Chandon chilled and ready to pop open on the date when the struggling Chicago Sun-Times puts its lefty rag to bed for the final time.

The bottle will not be gathering too much dust.


  1. How like a Dem - "pass it before the people we're supposed to represent can see it and say no!"

    She just reprinted the hand-out? Wow, that's shameless party promotion!

    "But we're so professional and unbiased!"

    Gag me.

  2. Looks like the "Nighmare Act" -- I'm sorry, so-called "Dream Act" hasn't a snowball's chance in Hell of passing during the lame duck session. Seems there are 40 or so Dems who were re-elected, but are sufficiently afraid of getting tossed out next time that they won't dare vote for this travesty.

    Ever heard Lynn Sweet on the radio? Seen her on TV? Yikes!! Scary, creepy woman. I think the term is "harridan" -- or perhaps "harpie."

    She is a propogandist -- but hardly a serious human being.

  3. I was instrumental in the CST closing down its comments section last year, because I bashed her sycophant cheerleading of Barry's regime.

    The Early & Often section doesn't allow for comments because of people like me calling her out on her BS.

    I miss her.


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