Monday, March 29, 2010

Daddy's Little Girl Anointed For Dem Lt. Gov Slot

With today's news that Accidental Governor, Pat Quinn, has anointed former Sen. Paul Simon's daughter, Sheila, to be his running mate, I began to ponder the plethora of Democrat political dynasties in Illinois.

The Democrats in the state and Chicago in particular seem to have more political dynasties than medieval China or pre-1914 monarchic Europe.

First Mayor Richard J. Daley begat Mayor Richie Daley and Cook County Commissioner John Daley.

And Cook County Bd. President John Stroger begat Cook County Bd. President Todd Stroger.

Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan begat Illlinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Chicago Congressman Bill Lipinski begat Chicago Congressman Dan Lipinski.

And of course Jesse Jackson Sr. begat Chicago Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. who married Chicago Alderman Sandi Jackson.

And Cook County Assessor Parky Cullerton begat State Senator John Cullerton.

And powerhouse Chicago Alderman, Dick Mell begat State Rep. Debra Mell and former IL First Lady Patti Mell Blagojevich.

And Illinois Senate President Tom Hynes begat Illinois State Comptroller Dan Hynes.

Try as I might, I could think of no such phenomenon on the Republican side hereabouts.

Wonder why that is?

Now we might have yet a second Daddy's little girl holding a statewide constitutional office.

But hey, this is Chicago.

It's all in the family.


  1. Self-perceived royalty and a sense of entitlement. And they call Republicans "greedy." *eyeroll*

  2. And aren't they the ones who keep blathering about how white males feel a sense of "entitlement" while picking the pockets of working white males to pay for "entitlement" giveaways to others?


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