Saturday, November 21, 2009

Will Gay Sadomasochist Candidate Become Speaker Madigan's Majority Whip?

Very weird news from Chicago's 40th State Legislative District today.

It seems the incumbent State Representative Debra Mell, the avowed lesbian sister-in-law of embattled ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich, filed improper nominating petitions for re-election and could be tossed from the ballot.

If that happens, the sole Democrat on the ballot will be a leader of Chicago's gay, sadomasochistic, leather practicioners, one Joe Laiacona.

This fellow, of rather esoteric sexual tastes, is a part-time professor of computer science at Chicago's Columbia College and author of the regular "Leather Views" column in Gay Chicago magazine.

He is also the author of the interestingly titled, Becoming a Slave: The Theory and Practice of Voluntary Servitude (2005), a tome which is sure to soon be flying off the shelves of the Boystown Book shops.

The inept Chicago Republicans neglected, of course, to even bother to field a candidate for this Northwest Side legislative seat.

So the B&D Leathermaster could be running unopposed.

So my only question is, should he be elected would he be a shoe-in to become House Speaker Michael Madigan's Majority Whip?

This could lend an entirely new dimension to the concept of party discipline.

Stay tuned.

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