Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Little Luis"Gutierrez Goes After Democrat Hatemongers

In a City whose Congressional Delegation is crawling with mindless poseurs, morons and outright nincompoops, Congressman Luis Gutierrez is once again vying for the uncontested leadership of that august Chicago group in this regard.

According to The Hill, a Washington D.C. weekly that covers its namesake:

"The Congressional Hispanic Caucus was also weighing its options on what to do about a push by some vulnerable centrist members to block illegal immigrants from being able to buy insurance on the (Pelosi-Obama health care) bill's "exchanges," even with no subsidy.
Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) said he "would have a hard time voting for" a bill or procedural measure that did that.
"I'm tired of feeding hatred and bigotry," Gutierrez said."

Let me see if I've got this right.

Democrats in the House are the only real players in the formation of the health bill. They control the House of Representatives and all it's committees.

And a bloc of centrist Democrats are asserting that it is sensible to not allow the current 12 million plus illegal aliens (and any others who may swarm across the border tomorrow) to have coverage under the taxpayer funded socialized medicine scheme.

And Gutierrez is calling those fellow Democrats hatemongers and bigots.

Chicago has sent some amazing characters to Congress over the years. The felonious Dan Rostenkowski, the salacious, pedophiliac, Mel Reynolds and an outright weirdo, Gus Savage.

But "Little Luis" from the 4th District on the West side is setting a whole new standard for Chicago Congressional imbecility.

I believe he just may have moved into a league of his own.

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