Thursday, November 14, 2013

So How Many Jewish Votes Will Rauner Bring To the GOP?

Good Buddies Bruce  and Rahm
Billionaire speculator, Bruce Rauner is running for Governor. In return for high dollar contributions, he received a big award from the American Jewish Committee for "protecting Jewish populations in danger."

He takes vacations with  Rahm Emanuel -- Barack Obama's Democrat former chief of staff and now the first ever Jewish Mayor of Chicago.

Along with his Jewish-American wife, he is a major donor to the pro-amnesty, pro-open borders Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.

Bruce Rauner, the professed Republican, a few years back, was a financial backer in a $479 million deal brokered by his beach side buddy, Rahm Emanuel and another big Democrat honcho, Bill Daley -- the former Chicago Democratic Mayor's brother.

But now comes Rauner in to save the tawdry Illinois Republicans.

Well I'm so happy to hear in today's Tribune that the billionaire speculator, Bruce Rauner, has decided to pour a cool half million samoleons into his Republican campaign.

With his high profile in the Chicago Jewish community, you'd think Rauner would be a shoe-in to bring in big Jewish vote totals.

Now during the last Presidential campaign, 69% of American Jews voted for Barack Obama, a marginal improvement over the 78% they gave Obama the first time around, but still a vote of landslide proportions.

You could say, that Jews put Barack Obama over the top.

In fact Jews have been such a predictably reliable liberal Democrat voter cohort, that one of President Reagan's speechwriters was prompted to quip, "Jews are the only group with the income of Episcopalians and the voting behavior of Puerto Ricans."

But johnny-come-lately Republican, Bruce Rauner, with his personal millions is going to change all that.

He's going to bring Jewish voters over to the Republican column in droves.

Just as Governor Ron Gidwitz did.

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