Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jewish Bigots at Highland Park HS Persecute Jesus Christ

The High School in heavily Jewish Highland Park, Illinois today told a student that he could not wear a costume characterizing Jesus Christ because it would be offensive to some.
Highland Park Christian Marshon Sanders

This same Highland Park High School, which has more $100+ faculty on their payroll than any other school in the state, has no qualms whatever about hiring 2 teachers -- with fat salaries at taxpayers' expense -- to teach Hebrew language and culture to Jewish students -- essentially a tax supported religious education for area Jews.

But they think Jesus might be offensive to the Jews there.

So the kid -- who is a devout Christian -- was bullied into taking the costume off.

For centuries, Christians had excoriated Jews for being "the killers of Christ."

At the 2nd Vatican Council (1964-1966) the Catholic Church admonished Catholic Christians to refrain from such sentiments.

It also eliminated a prayer from the Mass that invoked God to assist in "the Conversion of the Jews."

Apparently that Christian tolerance is not reciprocated in some Jewish quarters -- at least not in Highland, Park Illinois.

The School District there, SD113, reeling from an outcry by incensed Christians, relented and told the kid, one Marshon Sanders, that he could, after all, appear in a representation of the Christian-Jewish Messiah.

But the bullying by the Highland Park Judeo-centric administrators was too much for the teenager to handle, and he went through the day devoid of the respectfully intentioned Christ costume.

You know, the Highland Park bigots wouldn't dare offend Muslim sensibilities. Then they would have to deal with legal action from the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Perhaps the administration at Highland Park High School District 113 should consider that their anti-Christian bigotry may open them to legal action from the St. Thomas More Legal Foundation.

And perhaps several employees of Highland Park High School District 113 are badly in need of a required course in "diversity training" and "civil rights training."


  1. I went to this high school. The place sucks. As a Christian, I never felt any support from faculty when it came to religious bullying. My first thought was that maybe the admins might have thought the costume itself was offensive to Christians as well as Jews but based on the kid's intention that was clearly not the case.

    Argh I truly detest HPHS for b.s. like this. Keep digging up dirt on this loathsome hellhole


    1. thanks for the encouragement, Dennis and we will continue to keep our microscope on them.
      you knw, this weird HP HS administration yanked its girls' volleyballteam from a tournament in Arizona after that state passed a referendum demanding control of illegal immigration -- which is plaguing AZ.
      the HP administraion nitwits said that playing there "would make the Mexican girls on the team uncomfortable." EGADS!!!

      And why does no one question why those Rabbis are on the HP taxpayers' payroll teaching Jewish HP students Hebrew for their Bar and Bas Mitzvahs -- purely religious rituals?

  2. I attend high school with Marshon, and I know that the deans (not one of which are Jewish) were ones to call him out on this. The kids at HP actually thought this was quite humorous, and in fact, didn't bully him at all. I do agree that he should have been able to wear this, because it was halloween, and I don't think anyone found this to be offensive. I am not jewish, and I know there were no jewish kids bullying Marshon

  3. Maybe so. But then the question becomes - why are these - almost uniformly left-wing HP administrators - so contemptuous of Christians and Christianity?

    Can you name a single conservative or practicing Christian among the legion of fat, overpaid educrats at HP or Deerfield?

    Seems these jack booted leftists in the taxpayer supported educational establishment are all for "diversity" -- unless it encompasses something they don't like. Some liberals!

  4. I love the Jews and they are still the seed of Abraham that God blessed. He will bless those that bless them and curse those that curse them, according to his word. They may have missed the Messiah when he came in physical form to bring God's spiritual Kingdom. The best that we can to is be true representatives of who Jesus is and show them that we are Christians by our love for them and one another. You won't win them by anger. Even when they do wrong or you feel they mistreated you, when Jesus was crucified he forgave and now he lives so that we all may have everlasting life.


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