Friday, August 2, 2013

Rape Skyrocketing in Chicago: White Women Victimized by Black and Brown Rapists

The front page headline in the Tribune's free throwaway Redeye, blared out of the Red corner newspaper boxes on August 1st: 3 per day - Sexual Assaults in Chicago - And up to half go unreported!

What the Tribune's kiddie tabloid conveniently failed to report was the racial breakdown of rapes in Chicago.

They had no problem reporting the race breakdown of murders in Chicago in their subsequent August 2nd story on homicides here. That's because blacks are overwhelmingly the victims there (and the killers as well.)

But stony silence from Chicago's liberal media on the race of Chicago's rapists and the race of their victims.

That's because the vast preponderance of the women raped here are white women. And the majority of their rapists are black men.

According to one of the very few breakdowns by race culled from FBI crime stats, black-on-white rape is 115 times more common than the reverse.

The only two  famous alleged sexual assaults by white men on black women in the last two decades – the Tawana Brawley and Duke rape cases – turned out to be hoaxes.

So you can bet your sweet life that if white men were shown by the stats to be running down to Englewood in big numbers to rape black girls, the Tribune would have been shouting that from the rooftops.

Al Sharpton would get into a shoving match with Jesse Jackson to see who could get the most TV camera facetime. And those two odious race hucksters would be howling about white racism and calling on Obama's hack U.S. Attorney General to start investigating these as federal white "hate crimes."

The scribe who penned the August 1st rape article for Chicago's Newspaper for Dummies, the Redeye, was one Rachel Cromidas.
Redeye's crack reporter Rachel Cromidas

Asked by the Chicago Lampoon as to why the racial stats were happily reported in the homicide story but omitted from the rape story, she told us," The dataset I was able to use for my story did not include a racial breakdown. I don’t work on RedEye’s homicide coverage but my understanding is they have had more detailed data to work from."

Surprise, Surprise Surprise!!

Quite a curious lack of journalistic curiosity, wouldn't you say?

In light of some of the few recent 2013 high profile Chicago rapes, where the respective races of the perp and victim were reported:

 - the carjacking and rape of a white woman by a black teen

 -- the abduction from a Rogers Park bus stop and rape of a white Loyola U. student by an obese black man 

-- the serial black rapist of white women in Lincoln Park 

-- you would think a competent journalistic inquiry would demand a precise racial breakdown.

So what do the only available statistics tell us? A message the Tribune will not report.

The real repository of racism in America – manifest in violent interracial assault, rape and murder – is to be found not in the white community, but the African-American community. In almost all interracial attacks, whites are the victims, not the victimizers.

But that subject is taboo in the fantasyland of the mainstream liberal  news media. No wonder they're going out of business.


  1. August 7th, only 5 days after this article, black man rapes white woman in her store on North side near Chicago loop,0,7370460.story

  2. Another one with a girl attacked by a black near Loyola University:,0,4319015.story

  3. It seems to me that, in this age of convenience, we have thrown truth and facts aside. Replaced by convenient and easu to swallow narratives. Progress in our society is prevented by so called "progressives" who would rather be blindfolded than see the real social problems. If this continues solutions will always be few and far between.

  4. if America does not wake up it will be to late

  5. Add to the black on white atrocity account --

    1) yesterday's report of the apprehension of a black "fitness trainer" from the South Side who was Identified from video as being the man who raped a white woman at knife point last Monday in an alley near Halsted and Belmont on the far North side.

    2) 4 black football players from Woodstock HS who were arrested for the rape of a 15 year old white girl at a Christmas party and then putting it on Youtube. Blacks are only 2.7% of the student body at Woodstock HS, yet manage to bring their thug values with them - even way up there.

    In neither case did the Tribune report the race of the perps vis a vis the victims, tho they did print the photos of the black rapists who were over age 18

    So that photographic info will likely not be in the Tribune's archive and the real facts, once again, will go down the Orwellian memory hole

  6. When do White Men start acting like men and protect their women?

  7. blacks are blacks--next question.

  8. Thanks for this post. I know a white woman who was abducted and raped by a gang of black men because they were specifically looking for a white woman to "punish".

    When I lived in NYC, 5 elderly women were raped by a stranger over a period of about a month. When they caught the rapist he was a 19 year old black male wannabe gangster who said raping white elderly women made him feel "strong".

    My sympathy for my friend and willingness to talk about black-on-white crime has made me unwelcome in my university program because the idiots in the History department love to talk about how white women are racist against black men and how white women got poor innocent black men lynched "just for looking at them". There is TOTAL denial that ANY black men may have raped white women at any point in history - white women are "false rape accusers" against the precious and pure black man. *sarcasm, but sadly accurate*

    My heart goes out to the white women attacked by black men because the political correctness of the rape crisis industry is such that most will NOT admit that race motivated black on white crime exists.

    It is sad that white women raped by black men get treated so bad by the people they turn to for help because rape crisis centers are all run by Dems who are addicted to the race narrative.

    A white woman raped by black men will now be lectured about white privilege and how they are responsible for black men being lynched years ago. It really is sick how devoted academics and leftist rape counselors and social workers are to bashing "white women".

    The amount of vitriol, scorn and hatred I've been subjected to for trying to stand up for white women raped by black men is staggering.

    Liberals would rather gouge out their own eyes than admit that black men can be rapists, and they truly believe that if a white woman is raped, it is her fault because black men have been held back by her white privilege. I've even seen some libs online make posts like "The myth of the black male rapist".

    When white women are raped by black men today, they are constantly re-victimized by the race-baiters in academia, the media and even rape crisis centers.

    Are there any services for victims of black on white crime? I haven't been able to find ANY and at this point I could use some support too after being so viciously bullied by liberal academics for caring about my raped friend and for fighting back against their "black men never rape white women" false narrative.


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