Friday, July 6, 2012

Lincolnwood And Radical Jewish Immigration Lobby Pave Paradise to Praise Immigrants

All summer, the Village of Lincolnwood has been working hard to transform its portion of the MWRD sewerage canal park into a vast concrete parking lot.

Bulldozers have been energetically ripping up grass and knocking down trees in the bucolic setting along McCormick Blvd. between Touhy and Devon and filling it in with Stalinesque quantities of concrete.
The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society seemed
 bashful about using their actual name
To further this aesthetic end, Lincolnwood joined a radical Jewish immigrant's lobby group in erecting two concrete memorials there extolling the joys of unfettered immigration.

On June 21st, the new "Ain't All Immigrants Great!" monuments went up at the point where the park meets Pratt Ave, amidst a gala celebration.

 Oddly, the immigrant lobby group involved kind of downplayed its own name on the memorials. It almost appeared as if they were trying to camouflage their involvement.

The group in question is the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. But nowhere on either of the 2 "Ain't All Immigrants Great!" plaques erected in the park does their name appear, just a cryptic reference to the fine work of "HIAS."

One of the concrete slabs contains the basic mantra used by the illegal alien lobby as a smokescreen for their amnesty push.

Its inscription quotes one Judge Posner of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals (apparently Judge Wapner was unavailable) as saying:

"We are a nation of immigrants, built by immigrants and continually enriched by the flow of immigrants."

Real nice sounding words, but they omit the reality that a mere 20 years after 1912, when the Hebrew Immigrant's Aid Society began assisting immigrants, Congress found it best to enact a de facto moratorium on immigration. The US economy, they reasoned, did not need scads of cheap laborers during the height of the Great Depression.

And those fine words omit mention of the fact that during earlier waves of immigration, the emigres required sponsors who would assume economic responsibility for them if they should become destitute -- no Food Stamps, Section 8 housing vouchers or SSI paychecks like today.

And, of course, those fine words omit mention of the fact that earlier waves of immigrants came legally -- under the eye of US officials who screened them for such things as contagious disease and criminal behavior.

The Lincolnwood government-sanctioned feel-good  propagandizing in cement should really come as no big surprise, considering the source.

It turns out that the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society is a full-blown member of the radical illegal alien lobby, the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.

These are the very same fine folks who have spent the last 25 years making Chicago and Cook County "sanctuary cities" for illegal aliens, pushing the so-called "Dream Act" to give taxpayer-subsidized in-state tuition to illegals and banging the drums for outright amnesty of the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens in our midst.

And in this election year, with the illegal alien issue moving to the forefront of the national debate, the lunkheads in the Lincolnwood Village government see nothing at all amiss about staging an "Aint All Immigrants Great!" dog and pony show, in cahoots with a radical Jewish immigrant lobby outfit, complete with a tax-supported permanent monument on public ground.

The Chicago Tribune recently did a multi-part report on numerous illegal alien felons who have committed atrocious crimes - rapes, murders, etc. - while in "sanctuary city" Chicago, jumped bail and then hotfooted it back across the border to reside in complete anonymity and safety there.

This very Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society lobby was part of the larger coalition that stopped Chicago judges from treating immigrants as a flight risk. They were instrumental in making sure that even felons weren't allowed to be queried on their immigration status after arrest.
Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society's
 Suzanne Franklin: "Trees are immigrants too"
At the dedication ceremony for the monument, the chief honcho of the stealth Hebrew Immigrants' lobby, one Suzanne Franklin, glowingly and quite peculiarly compared immigrants to trees.

"Trees are like immigrants who come to this country," she babbled. "Their roots grow deep, they enrich the earth and they become tall and plentiful, a canopy that shelters us and makes our world stronger and more vibrant," she swooned.

And of course, let's never utter a discouraging word about the possibility of Dutch Elm disease or the Emerald Ash borer, right Lincolnwood?

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