Thursday, June 14, 2012

Skokie's "SCompton" Section 8 Ghettos

The pious pontificators at the Skokie Human Relations Commission can drone on and on all they want about the wonders of Skokie's newfound "diversity." And they can wallow in denial over the relationship between Section 8 federally subsidized low-income housing and Skokie's new crime wave.
A scene from one of the areas, just South of
 Downtown Skokie, that the kids call "SCompton"

But the kids seem to know better.

In the wake of our last article on the 2 violent muggings in Skokie, we've received a lot of correspondence and among the things we've learned are:

The other "SCompton" area is just East
of Skokie Blvd. between Oakton and Main
--Skokie kids refer to the areas just South of the Downtown Oakton business district and just East of Skokie Blvd. between Oakton and Main Sts. as "SCompton." A play on the words Skokie and Compton -- referring to the crime ridden, gang infested California city of that name.

--A Morton Grove policeman who lives near the Skokie border tells us that it is common knowledge in police circles that Skokie has an inordinate amount of Section 8 housing and that it has been fueling increased criminal activity there.

--A Fairview resident tells us that there has been a flurry of home robberies there in recent months yet not a word about it in the Skokie newspapers or from the Skokie police or village government.

And yet a Skokie Human Relations sycophant writes us demanding statistics proving a direct correlation between Skokie's subsidized housing and Skokie's increased crime.

The fact is that you would be hard pressed to find any agency or academic entity -- most of which are dominated by liberals -- to compile statistics that might prove embarrassing to their pet diversity initiatives.

But the kids and the cops are close to the ground.

They have their eyes open.

And they're not demanding abstruse statistical studies on the correlation between Skokie's Section 8 housing and Skokie's crime wave.