Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mexicans Protest US Cartoonist's Caricature of Their Flag

The Government of Mexico filed a verbal protest with the U.S. after a syndicated US political cartoonist drew a parody of their national flag.

Cartoonist Daryl Cagle portrayed the eagle in the center of the Mexican emblem as something of a ruptured duck, reflective of that 3rd World nation's decrepit economy and out-of-control drug crime. (pictured above)

You can read about the controversy in greater depth here.

Oddly, I don't recall the Mexican government or Mexican-American spokesmen uttering a peep when illegal alien malcontents from their country perpetrated far greater violence on the United States' national banner, as pictured below.


  1. They burn and stomp on my flag, and I'm supposed to be sorry about a freaking cartoon of theirs? Ha! Hypocrites!

  2. Their government would be howling if we meddled in their internal affairs the way they feel freeto do under Barack Hussein. Good God, they even print up maps showing their excess population how to sneak into our country!

  3. quit hateing on us mexicans because we built your house population you gonna die

    1. Hey Amigo -- if you hate America and Americans so much what the fuck are you doing in our country?

      Shouldn't you be back in wonderful Mexico spreading pig dung on your own tomato crops -- and, of course -- taking a shit out in the arid fields to supply further fertilizer for your crappy (quite literally)cilantro and fucking your fat stupid Mexican women?

      Hey Julio -- beware of well armed Americanos!!


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