Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Free Booze in Wrigleyville

Precisely one year ago today, I reported on my tremendously interesting discovery that one can find free booze in the alleys of Chicago's yuppified neighborhoods on apartment moving day.

Back then, using the simple expedient of riding my bike thru the alleys of Roscoe Village, I found an entire 12 pack of Leinenkugel's beer, several unopened bottles of Spanish wine and an entire bottle of rum.

This year it was a foray thru the backways of Wrigleyville and once again I hit the mother lode.

Behind an expensive looking condo on Southport in the very shadow of Wrigley Field, I discovered a plastic storage container which contained (I am not making this up) an unopened bottle of Courvasier cognac, a 3/4 full bottle of French Grey Goose vodka, a bottle of British Tanqueray Gin, a mostly full bottle of Canadian whiskey, a 1/2 full bottle of Maker's Mark Kentucky whiskey, a book on cocktail recipes and a fancy cut glass bottle stopper.

To my mind it would have been sinful to relegate these fine potables to the city waste dump, so, given my steadfast commitment to recycling, I put the delictable potions to good use.

Is this a great city or what?


  1. What in the world?

    Who would pout out such good booze like that?! Cognac? Who just dumps and unopened bottle of cognac? See, they're crazy there, and here's proof.

  2. OMG!!! Drinking from bottles put out in the trash? Now that's crazy!

  3. If you say so, Anonymous. But perhaps you missed the part that referred to unopened. And as for a 3/4 full bottle of gourmet French vodka -- people who buy that aren't exactly the kind of people who swill directly from the bottle. Does your experience perhaps extend to swilling directly from your paper-wrapped bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 with your wad of chewing tobacco still ensconced in your jaw?


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