Friday, December 4, 2009

Chicago's Affirmative Action Queen in DC Dustup

If ever there was a poster child for the Affirmative Action racial spoils system, it is Chicago's own Desiree Rogers.

She's well known around here. But she is now getting national attention for being the Obama social secretary who decided to play Belle of the Ball rather than do the dreary work of checking off names of invited guests at the door at the recent White House State dinner. You know -- the things that a White House social secretary is supposed to do.

The fetching, designer dress-bedecked, Desiree decided to sit down to dine and schmooze with the luminaries at the event at which she was supposed to be working.

And as the Creole Queen's bad luck would have it, that would be the night when two inveterate goofballs from suburban Virginia would make international headlines by successfully crashing the party.

Ms. Rogers became a multimillionaire in her forties by parlaying an affirmative action admission to the Harvard business school into a series of high profile, astronomically overpaid, affirmative action PR jobs in the Chicago public and semi-public sectors.

Ever the RINO Republican, Governor Jim Edgar tapped the future Obamaite fashionplate to head up his Illinois State Lottery. She was a delegate to the 1992 Republican National Convention, back then. But she readily shed the GOP affiliation upon marrying a basketball buddy of Michelle Obama's brother.

She then snared plush PR gigs with Peoples Gas and Allstate Insurance. And the light skinned, former 1988 "Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club" (yes that is a real group in New Orleans) Parade Queen, was invited to paying posts on the Boards of Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo, the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry and the Chicago Museum of Modern Art (on which she led a protest calling for more Affirmative Action minority board members.)

Her friend Obama, then invited her to Washington to head up the social secretary's office.

But apparently, no one told Desiree that it was an actual job with real responsibilities and not an invitation to just party till you drop on the DC social whirl.

So now, the Chicago Affirmative Action Queen is dodging Congressional demands that she explain the recent White House state dinner security lapse. She's being shielded by the White House Press Secretary from nasty inquiries from reporters. And her fun-loving negligence has caused the suspension of 3 Secret Service Agents.

Looks like Washington, D.C. is not turning out to be the never ending wild party scene that party girl Desiree Rogers envisioned.

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