Thursday, April 17, 2014

Real Free Haircuts in Chicago (and Free Haircut Scams)

We've written more than once on these pages that Illinois and its epicenter, Chicago, have the worst civic culture of any polities in the country. Louisiana comes in a very close second, but it currently only has one former governor now doing time in the hoosegow to our two.

The haircuts at Supercut's training
center are supervised ... and free

People here are cynical. They've heard more phony promises than a pickup bar floozy at last call and they just don't believe in much of anything anymore.

It's gotten so bad, that you can't even give away a $15 haircut in Chicago anymore.

Lydia Polo, who runs the Supercuts Educational Center on the Northwest side, is finding that out.

Seems that there have been a spate of tonsorial con-artists going up on Craigslist and offering "Free Haircuts." But when the poor Craigslist bargain-seeking chump shows up, they find out that it was some kind of come-on that only applies if you shell out real cash for some unnecessary, and pricey, additional service.
The free haircuts are on Harlem near Belmont

As a result the CL "Free Stuff" section has practically banned all "Free Haircuts" postings.

That has caused a real problem for Lydia. She's been supervising the licensed cosmetologists who get their "advanced technique training" at the Supercuts Corporation's school for 22 years now.

She needs people with hair for her students to work on. And for the first time in her memory, she's been having trouble getting warm fannies in her barber chairs.

She attributes it to the phony-baloney operators on Craigslist.

"I've been putting up ads for free Supercuts on Craigslist for years and they're really free and no one has ever complained about us. But now because of these phony bait-and-switch ads, every time I put up an offer, I get flagged, so I've just stopped trying," she said.

But you won't be able to
get a Ga-Ga hairotard

But that has led to a drought of subjects for her students.

Lydia is too politic to say it, but we aren't. We think she's probably getting flagged by other hair stylists who are so desperate for clients in this crappy economy that they don't want anyone getting a free haircut. Or maybe by the con-artists, themselves, who need more suckers for their come-ons.

Anyway, there really are free haircuts in Chicago. They're done by licensed hair stylists (why the State of Illinois has any business licensing hair cutters, is another issue for another day) who are overseen by Lydia herself. She's a consummate pro and does the final run thru herself, making little changes if needed.

And it's all at no cost. Completely. Totally. No strings attached.

So when you go to get your hair done, if you don't need a soothing glass of chardonnay, a shampoo with some tropical fruit concoction and a restorative neck massage -- if you could be satisfied with a regular $15.95 Supercut -- for free -- totally, really free -- you might just check out Lydia's Supercuts school.

They hold classes usually 2 times a month and they're at 3241 N. Harlem. If you sign up with them, Lydia will send you emails (from announcing the various class times when you can just walk in. You can also check her out on Facebook at Freehaircutschicago.

But if you simply can't live without a deep conditioning hair masque, Brazilian blowout, whale sperm conditioner, or a Lady Ga-Ga hairotard -- This is not the place for you.

But we're sure there are plenty of chi-chi places on the Gold Coast and in Lincoln Park that will be more than happy to accommodate you.

But they certainly won't be free.

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  1. Thank you so much for this info. I don't live too far away from there and as a man I get my haircut short and tight. It's difficult to ruin such a haircut. Some free Chardonnay would be nice but it's not a deal breaker.


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